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The PROFILER Advantage
Sets up in Minutes and Easy to Use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Single power/data cable
  • No pre-irradiation required
  • No warm-up required
User Calibration
  • User calibrated every 1-2 years using a patented calibration method
  • No need to send back to manufacturer
Key Benefits
  • Quick and precise beam QA measurement
  • Full field measurement instead of a single point
    • Identify startup/time dependent anomalies
  • Sets up in minutes versus hours for a water tank
  • Low signal to noise ratio (0.15%)
  • One measurement checks multiple parameters
    • Includes flatness, symmetry, field size, beam center, penumbra width, Light: Radiation coincidence
  • Advanced applications
    • Includes beam constancy, steering, diagnostics, collimator and rotational sag QA
  • Accepted and proven for clinical and factory settings

Specifications and Comparison

  • Multiple real time parameter calculations
  • Profile comparison , subtraction, overlay, and more
  • All relevant international and OEM calculation protocols
  • Beam tuning and data plotting interface
  • Real-time movie mode measurement and playback
  • Import water tank data and compare to PROFILER files
  • Developed in cooperation with market leading Linac manufacturers
  • Report generation with output to PDF®

Analysis Parameters
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Frequently Asked Questions
 General Questions -

The PROFILER 2 features some significant enhancements from the widely acclaimed Profiler. Some key changes include:
  • The addition of an X-axis: The Profiler 2 now has a Y-axis with 83 detectors and an X-axis with 57 detectors.
  • Higher resolution: The spacing between detectors has been reduced from 5mm to 4mm
  • Larger field size: At 100 SSD the maximum field size is 32.8 x 22.4cm
  • Inherent buildup: The detector array is imbedded beneath 1cm of Virtual Water™
  • New software: The new PROFILER 2 comes with new software which offers more versatility and ease-of-use

Is there a gantry fixture I can use with the PROFILER 2 to measure at any gantry angle?

Yes. The PROFILER 2 has been designed so that it fits into the IMF (Isocentric Mounting Fixture) which can also be used with the MapCHECK and the Daily QA 3. The IMF holds the Profiler 2 at 100cm SDD and accommodates enough buildup to measure at 10cm depth. Rotational measurements can be done at any gantry angle while keeping the PROFILER 2 securely fixed at isocenter. This is a fast and precise routine for MLC, Collimator, and Gantry shift effects.

Can I measure a larger field such as 40cm using the PROFILER 2?

Yes. Larger field sizes are possible by taking two measurements at 100cm SSD using the concatenate feature in the software, or a single measurement can be taken at a shorter SSD.

Does the PROFILER 2 use ion chambers or diode detectors?

The PROFILER 2 uses diode detectors measuring only 0.64mm². The small size ensures accurate measurements which is particularly critical in the penumbra region. The detectors have the highest available sensitivity and lowest available volume of any electronic measurement system.

How frequently do I have to calibrate the PROFILER 2 detector array?

As there is very little change in the sensitivity of the detectors (±0.5% per 100,000 cGy on a 6 MV beam), the PROFILER 2 requires no frequent calibration. The Profiler is calibrated using a patented wide field calibration routine, which assigns each detector a unique sensitivity correction factor. This procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and is typical performed once a year. The calibration is done by the user by following simple step by step instructions in the PROFILER 2 software.

Can I import plans from my TPS to make comparisons?

Yes. The PROFILER 2 will import the treatment planning file from a TPS and perform comparisons of the planned and measured dose. A percent difference can be instantly viewed by selecting both the measured and planned file and then clicking on compare. The PROFILER 2 supports all major TPS formats.

Can I use my PROFILER 2 for electron energy verification?

Yes. By using the optional aluminum Electron Energy Wedge you can quickly and accurately verify electron energy. The PROFILER 2 software calculates the electron energy by slope or intercept analysis.

How can I use the PROFILER 2 to study the characteristics of transient events during warm-up?

The PROFILER 2 can take measurements using frame mode which permits profile measurements at rates from 1 to 15 measurements per second. The playback options let you pay back the collected profiles at variable speeds, using the frame capture playback bar in the software. This feature may be particularly important in IMRT applications.

I have a MapCHECK, can I use the same power/data cable for the PROFILER 2?

The PROFILER 2 will have the ability to take Daily QA measurements, but will not have a daily QA database built into the software. However, the new PROFILER 2 software does display interpolated Daily QA3 measurement data from the selected data file. This Daily QA3 data can also be printed. For Daily QA we always encourage our users to use the Daily QA Check 2 or the soon to be launched Daily QA3, which are specifically designed for morning QA. The Daily QA Check 2 and Daily QA3 use ion chambers which SNC use for products that receive high levels of radiation daily, and where precise penumbra measurement is not needed. The PROFILER 2 uses diode detectors because of their high precision and accuracy for the measurement of profiles and steep dose gradients.

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