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ESTRO Symposium
Advancing QA: Latest Solutions from Sun Nuclear

30 November // 13:00-14:00

Clinical users will share experiences with enhancing their stereotactic program and adapting to flexible/remote workflows. Plan to join us for this lunchtime symposium.

13:00Quality Management Solutions in Challenging TimesGreg Robinson, M.S., CMD, Sun Nuclear
13:05Improving QA Workflow Efficiency through Integration and AutomationRhydian Caines, MSc. & Martyn Gilmore, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom
13:25SunCHECK Software DemonstrationGreg Robinson, M.S., CMD, Sun Nuclear
13:30New Approach to Setting up the SRS MapCHECK Matrix from Sun Nuclear with a CyberknifeDaniel Julian, MSc., Centre de Cancérologie du Grand Montpellier, France
13:55SRS MapCHECK Software DemonstrationGreg Robinson, M.S., CMD, Sun Nuclear

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Remote QA Readiness

for COVID-19 & Beyond

Clinics worldwide report the SunCHECK Platform was essential to their preparedness for COVID-19. We want all centers to be ready for what’s next. Whether on site or at home, SunCHECK™ enables consistent, collaborative and remote QA.

Our virtual ASTRO booth offers details on how SunCHECK supports flexible, remote Patient and Machine QA for your Radiation Oncology team.

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Featured Solutions

<p>SunCHECK™ Platform</p>

SunCHECK™ Platform

New for SunCHECK, PlanCHECK™ automates the time-consuming task of plan checks. Plus, ArcCHECK® direct device integration delivers expanded, flexible Pre-Treatment QA.

<p>SRS, SBRT and SIMT QA</p>


The new QA Setup Tool for SRS MapCHECK® simplifies the capture of multiple SRS targets. Together, SRS MapCHECK, MultiMet-WL Cube, and StereoPHAN™ enable stringent stereotactic QA.

<p>Patient Alignment</p>

Patient Alignment

Get to know Sun Nuclear lasers. CT SIM+™ simplifies patient positioning and marking. MICRO+™ makes precision patient alignment more intuitive.

<p>Patient QA</p>

Patient QA

Plan Checks, Secondary Calculations, Pre-Treatment QA and In-Vivo Monitoring are supported by the SunCHECK™ Platform, ArcCHECK® and MapCHECK® arrays, and more.

<p>Support for Your Modality</p>

Support for Your Modality

Sun Nuclear offers QA solutions for your MRgRT, Proton, Adaptive, and CyberKnife® programs. Discover the solutions available.

<p>Machine QA</p>

Machine QA

Expanded SunCHECK™ Machine QA functionality and reporting in v3.1 increases flexibility for users. Trusted arrays Daily QA™ 3 and IC PROFILER™ simplify daily and monthly QA.

<p>Dosimetry </p>


Enable efficient, accurate water tank scanning with3D SCANNER™ and SNC Dosimetry™. For your other dosimetry needs, Sun Nuclear has trusted reference ion chambers and more.

<p>Diagnostic QA</p>

Diagnostic QA

Did you know Sun Nuclear offers comprehensive QA solutions for CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, and DR/CR/Fluoroscopy?