Task Group

Built for small field measurements, SRS PROFILER provides real-time measurement of output, symmetry, flatness and field size of small field cone and MLC collimated beams.

SRS PROFILER offers full field measurements of X and Y diagonal axes.

Small Field Optimized
Comprised of 125 SunPoint® Diode Detectors that are 842 times smaller, and have 100 times more signal, than micro ionization chambers, its small size makes it ideal for accurate penumbra characterization and steep gradients for fields ≤10 cm.

Ideal for CyberKnife Systems
SRS PROFILER attaches to the CyberKnife birdcage for measurements at any node position, and is so well-suited to CyberKnife Systems that Accuray has included it on its recommended equipment list for CyberKnife.

Add this tool to your CyberKnife SRS QA solutions.


Device Specifications

Detector Type

SunPoint® Diode Detectors

Detector Quantity


Detector Width (mm)


Largest Field Size (cm)

14.4 diameter

Detector Axes

X, Y, diagonals

Detector Spacing (mm)

4; 2 mm collapsed profile resolution


SRS MapCHECK® supports CyberKnife SRS QA, too.