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Evaluation of ArcCHECK SNC Machine QA tool for Modern Linear Accelerator

Mhatre V., Int J Cancer Ther Oncol. 2017; 5(1):5111. DOI: 10.14319/ijcto.51.11

Performance of a Cylindrical Diode Array for use in a 1.5 T MR-linac

AC Houweling et al., Physics in Medicine and Biology, 61(3) (2016)

Filmless methods for quality assurance of Tomotherapy using ArcCHECK

Yang et al., Hong Kong, Med. Phys., 44 (7-8) (Jan 2017)

Commissioning Monte Carlo algorithm for robotic radiosurgery using cylindrical 3D-array with variable density inserts

Dechambre et al., Liege University Hospital, Belgium, European Journal of Med Physics, 33 (152-158) (2017)

Using a Novel Dose QA Tool to Quantify the Impact of Systematic Errors Otherwise Undetected by Conventional QA Methods: Clinical Head and Neck Case Studies

M. Chan et al., Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment 2013 June 24

Measurement-guided volumetric dose reconstruction for helical tomotherapy

C. Stambaugh et al, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics Vol. 16, No 2 (2014)

Image-Guided Stereotactic Radiotherapy using the ArcCHECK Phantom

O. Sauer, C. Groh, University of Würzburg, Germany, AAPM Poster 2013

The ArcCHECK diode array for Dosimetric verification of HybridArc

AL Petoukvova et al., Phys. Med. Biol. 56, (2011)

A comparison of the gamma index analysis in various commercial IMRT/VMAT QA systems

Mohammad Hussein et al, Radiotherapy and Oncology 109 (2013) 370-376

Robotic radiosurgery system patient-specific QA for extracranial treatments using the planar ion chamber array and the cylindrical diode array

Mu-Han Lin, Iavor Veltchev, Sion Koren, Charlie Ma, Jinsgeng Li, Univ of Maryland School of Medicine, Fox Chase Cancer Center, JACMP 16 (4), (2015)