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Next-Generation CT QA Tools from Gammex Debuted at World's Largest Radiological Society Event

November 25, 2017

As CT technologies advance, it’s critical for your QA tools to keep pace. Gammex, a Sun Nuclear Company, develops solutions for your evolving needs — innovations to help ensure accurate screening, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment preparation. Below are just a few of the new, innovative CT QA products from Gammex that were recently debuted at the world's largest radiological society convention.

Multi-Energy CT Phantom

Ensure the performance and consistency of your multi-energy scans with the Multi-Energy CT Phantom. Capabilities of this phantom include testing material discrimination using solid rods representing iodine, calcium, blood and adipose; ensuring efficacy of clinical protocols for multi-energy analysis, verifying the quantitative accuracy of multi-energy scans, comparing consistency and stability across different scanners, checking for artifacts in an extended field-of-view and testing in both head and body configurations.

Cone-Beam Electron Density Phantom

Expedite your workflow with a phantom that enables automated CT-to-density tables for TPS commissioning of cone beams. Processing an image value-to-density table (IVDT) takes valuable clinic time and can be prone to operator errors. With this tool, you can expedite your workflow while avoiding misplaced rods, rotated phantoms and/or incorrect selection of ROIs. Patent pending rod markers enable fast, easy, error-free IVDT generation. A wide range of electron density values are covered, with rods designed to ICRU-44 and ICRP specifications.

Expanded ACR 464 Testing

Expand your ACR 464 testing with advanced iq modules that test for high resolution, slice sensitivity and geometric evaluation. The High Resolution Module adds line pairs with resolutions up to 32 lp/cm to test even the most demanding scanners. Designed for automation, this module includes solid samples of resolutions materials for accurate results during software analysis.

The Slice Sensitivity & Geometric Evaluation Module includes wires, bead ramps and spherical objects to validate slice thickness, slice sensitivity profile and system geometry. Perform Modulation Transfer Calculation measurements with BB’s of two different sizes and easily visualize test objects with clear construction and modular design.

Mercury Phantom

Developed in collaboration with Duke University, the Mercury Phantom (a work in progress) addresses next generation CT QA needs for advanced CT image quality assessment and automatic exposure control. Add this to your QA toolkit for size-dependent image quality evaluation, advanced image quality assessment techniques (including task-based metrology), performance evaluation of iterative reconstruction techniques and performance and effectiveness of automatic tube current modulation techniques.

CT Perfusion Phantom

The CT Perfusion Phantom is designed to mimic the injection of a contrast bolus into a region of interest allowing you to generate precise time-attenuation curves (TAC) of differing velocities, to better monitor your CT Perfusion program and patients. Once you benchmark perfusion rates and TACs for each system, you will be better positioned to know if future measurements show a true change or if follow-up results are within the precision error of the measurements. Use the dose port to optimize imaging and perfusion protocols and results at the lowest possible dose.

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