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QA & Dosimetry Symposium Speaker Spotlight: Eric Ford, Ph.D.

January 11, 2016

Eric Ford, Ph.D.

About 6 years ago, while I was on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University, I worked on a research project with the team at Washington University.

We combined our databases and identified the different problems that can occur during patient treatment. We then looked into which QA techniques could catch the most errors.

Some of the results were quite surprising, not the least of which was that transit dosimetry emerged as one of the most effective error traps.

That's how my fascination with transit dosimetry began. Not only is the EPID potentially very sensitive in detecting errors, but also, transit dosimetry is less reliant on human inspection because it can be automated.

This is in lockstep with where I think medical physics as a field is headed — towards more effective and objective quality assurance.

That's why I continued researching the different facets of transit dosimetry, digging deeper into the scientific underpinnings of using the EPID in patient QA.

My presentation at QADS will pull from these transit dosimetry studies, and convey how and why transit dosimetry can make an impact in closing the quality gap.

I won't get too much into the nuts and bolts of different EPIDs and associated software. Rather, I'll keep the talk on the conceptual level, focusing on the evidence behind the potential value of transit dosimetry.

I hope the audience will come away with an understanding of how transit dosimetry can fit into modern-day quality assurance.

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