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QA & Dosimetry Symposium Speaker Spotlight: Zoubir Ouhib, M.S.

December 22, 2015

Zoubir Ouhib, M.S.

I started practicing medical physics in 1982. The field of radiation
therapy has seen significant changes and for the most part in an
encouraging direction.

We have seen tremendous improvement at all levels including dose calculation algorithms used in Treatment planning systems. The safe treatment delivery of the intended dose relies in part of the accuracy of the dose calculation used in the TPS.

In my presentation, I will cover the aspects of this Medical Physics Practice Guideline (MPPG) related to TPS commissioning and QA for both photons and electrons which has a direct impact on outcome. Items such as data acquisition, beam modeling, and verification will be discussed. In addition, validation tests, guidance on tolerances, and checklists for this process will be discussed.

My hope is the audience will find the information valuable and will give their thoughts and feedback during the Q&A panel discussion. This way we can tease out some good questions we may not have considered when putting together this document.

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