Advanced Electron Density Phantom

Advanced Electron Density Phantom

Accurate CT Calibration for Treatment Planning

  • Expanded phantom size and scanning options
  • Exquisite adherence to ICRU-44 and ICRP material performance
  • Supports complete CT-to-density table automation with patent-pending rod marker technology
  • Easy to transport, align, and use

Generating accurate CT-to-density tables for radiation therapy is easier than ever with the Advanced Electron Density Phantom from Gammex, a proven leader in Tissue-Mimicking Materials (TMM).

From self-aligning rods designed to reduce human error, to a rolling case that protects the phantom’s integrity, to high equivalency materials that thoroughly test your modern wide-beam CT scanner, this phantom meets your clinical and workflow needs.

Processing CT-to-density tables is easier, too. Our patent-pending rod markers uniquely identify each material during the CT scan. This enables automated CT-to-density analysis, saving valuable time and reducing risk of error.


Patent-pending rods can be uniquely identified
during the CT scan.

Features & Benefits

  • Expanded Size
    • Extends 16.5 cm in the superior/inferior direction
    • Full-length 16.5 cm rods, not just 5 cm
    • Oblate-shaped, 40 cm wide by 30 cm high
    • Removable 20 cm head section
    • With optional extension plates, increases to 26.5 cm in length
  • Proven Gammex Materials
    • Constructed from zero HU CT Solid Water® HE
    • Materials developed in accordance with ICRU-44 and ICRP specifications
  • Automation
    • Patent-pending rod markers uniquely identify each material in a CT scan
    • Automatically generate CT-to-density tables with upcoming software
    • Rod markers remove risk of misplaced rods, rotated phantoms, and incorrect selection of ROIs
  • Ease of Use
    • Single-pour, no-drop design simplifies transport and setup
    • Self-aligning rods and sections lie flush for fast and reliable positioning
    • Custom wheeled case and deluxe stand included


In-plane Dimensions: 40.0 cm (15.7 in) x 30.0 cm (11.8 in)
Depth: 16.5 cm (6.3 in), up to 26.5 cm(10.2 in) with optional extension plates
Diameter of Removable Head Section: 20.0 cm (7.87 in)
Material: HE Energy-Matched CT Solid Water®
Interchangeable Inserts: 14 solid inserts plus 2 true water containers
Optional inserts include: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium
Available Upon Request: Extension plates, Ion Chamber conversion rod
Weight: 15.5 kg (34.1 lbs)
Case: Wheeled case is included
Stand: Stand is included
Warranty: 5 years

Standard Inserts

Material Physical Density (g/cm3) Electron Density Relative to Water
455 Lung LN-300 0.29 0.28
485 Lung LN-450 0.45 0.44
1553 HE Gen Adipose 0.96 0.94
1454 HE Breast 50:50 0.98 0.97
4 - 1451 HE CTSolid Water® Inserts 1.02 1.00
1481 HE Brain 1.05 1.02
1482 HE Liver 1.08 1.05
1456 HE Inner Bone 1.21 1.16
484 CB2 + 30% CaCO3 1.33 1.27
480 CB2 + 50% CaCO3 1.56 1.46
1450 HE Cortical Bone 1.93 1.78
2 - True Water Inserts -1.000- -1.000-


S5 Case Stand

A wheeled case and stand are included with your Advanced Electron Density Phantom.