Sono TE Phantom

Sono TE Phantom

Quick and easy transducer evaluation via multiple scanning surfaces.

  • A low cost, high value resource for sonographers
  • Provides affordable uniformity tests for linear, convex and intercavity transducers

How to use the SonoTE for ACR Requirements

James A. Zagzebski, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus for the University of Wisconsin – Madison Dept. of Medical Physics, demonstrates how to use the Sono403 and SonoTE Phantoms in support of ACR QA and accreditation requirements. Watch his series of how-to videos below.

The Sono TE Phantom is small and durable; designed to be kept with every ultrasound system.

Shadows or artifacts in the image indicate a problem with one or more transducer elements, while the following image characteristics indicate the transducer is functioning properly:

  • Smooth, homogenous surface
  • Uniform grey scale
  • No targets are visible

Personalize the Sono TE Phantom with your brand. You may select from a range of colors and add your logo1.



HE Gel™: Gammex’s multi-frequency tissue mimicking material

Material: Silicone base
Dimensions (L/W/H): 11.5 x 5.7 x 7.5 cm (4.63 x 2.25 x 3 in)
Weight: 580 +/- 5 g (1 lb. 4 oz.)

Designed for use with linear, convex and inter-cavity transducers. Not for use with phased array sector scan transducers.

1 Personalized for large orders.