MICRO and MICRO+ Family

Enhance patient alignment workflow and accuracy for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy.

  • Compact design, powerful performance
  • Optimal accuracy and efficiency
  • Available in red, green or blue

MICRO+: Intelligent Innovation

The MICRO+ fixed laser system offers the latest technology in remote controlled lasers for patient alignment. The elegant design of the remote allows 12 possible adjustments from only 4 intuitive controls. Accuracy of 0.15 mm ensures optimal laser positioning, every time.

With embedded Bluetooth technology, the MICRO+ system enables staff to move freely as they work. There is no need to stop and point the remote at the laser in order to make adjustments.

Easy Implementation

This elegant, all-in-one system does not have additional costs or external receivers to consider. Additional smart design touches include backlighting on the remote for use in dark rooms and a remote locator feature for fast finding in case of misplacement. With OneTouch™ control of any laser, you can increase efficiency at every step.

S2 Products Wavelengths
S2 Micro

Reliability and Ease of Use

Dr. Yu-Wen Chang recently oversaw the installation of an advanced radiotherapy TrueBeam® System with a Gammex MICRO+™ Patient Alignment system with 4 green lasers.

“I chose the MICRO+ system from Gammex, because the LAP laser system gave me trouble in the past. I had reliability issues with the remote control system on the pendant, and the remote control itself was not easy to use even with the Operators Manual open in front of me. Most importantly though, I found the Gammex laser to be more precise than LAP.”

Yu-Wen Chang, Ph.D.
Medical Physicist at a leading
Midwest U.S. cancer treatment center

Dr  Yu Wen Chang

MICRO+ Configurations

S3 Configurations New

3-Laser System - 3 Crosshair Lasers

S3 Configurations 2

4-Laser System - 3 Crosshair Lasers, 1 Sagittal Laser

MICRO+ Specifications

Adjustment Type: Hand held remote control
Degrees of Movement/Freedom: 6
Left - Right: ≥ ± 15 mm
Up - Down: ≥ ± 15 mm
Rotation: ≥ ± 5°
Horizontal Tilt (yaw): ≥ ± 5°
Vertical Tilt (pitch): ≥ ± 5°
Focus Range: 1.5 m - 4 m
Adjustment Accuracy: 0.15 mm
Adjustments Speed: Slow – Ultra accurate steps
(0.15 mm) for each touch of the control
Medium – Hold the control for continuous motion
Fast – Hold the control for larger movements
Remote Technology: Bluetooth & infrared
Remote Receiver: Integrated
Remote Operational Range: >10 m
Remote Locator: “Find remote” option on each laser
Number of Lasers per Remote: 6
Laser Selection: OneTouchTM automatic laser and remote pairing
Line Width (All Colors): (@ 3 m) ≤ 0.5 mm
Line Length: (@ 3 m) 4 m
Laser Type: Diode
Laser Output: < 1 mW
Power Supply: 100 – 240 volt (auto select)
Dimensions: 216 mm × 134 mm × 80 mm (H×W×D)
Weight: < 1 kg
Available Colors: Wavelength 635 nm Red
Wavelength 515 nm Green
Wavelength 450 nm Blue
Installation Options: Wall mount ± 45o (with optional tilt and adapter bracket)
Post mount (optional)


Gammex is a ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer. Made in the USA. Complies with Center for Devices and Radiological Health regulations for Class II lasers and all CE requirements.
(21 CFR 1040) (IEC 60601) (IEC 60825-1) (MDD 93/42/EEC)

MICRO: Compact Design and MR Compatibility

The MICRO fixed laser system’s composite housing and aesthetically pleasing design fit seamlessly within your room’s appearance. The non-metallic housing cover keeps the weight of the entire unit below 800 grams, and MR compliant.


  • Sub-millimeter accuracy with no measurable drift
  • Bright and crisp light in saggital or crosshair projections
  • MR compatible1
  • Blue, red and low wavelength green
  • Compact and lightweight

    • 1.6 lbs / 0.73 kg
  • Easy to install and maintain

    • 58% smaller footprint than alternative systems2
    • No need for additional mounting brackets for installations on angled walls
S2 Products Wavelengths
S5 Micro


Power (mW): <1.0
Range (m): Up to 6
Line Width: ≥0.5 mm @ 4 m
Line Length: ≥2 meter @ 4 m
Available Colors: Red, Green or Blue
Wavelength Red (nm): 635
Wavelength Green (nm): 515
Wavelength Blue (nm): 450

Laser Beam Adjustment

Coarse Planar (mm): ±7.6 horizontal and vertical
Coarse Angular: ±25° horizontal
Fine Angular: ±3.5° horizontal and vertical
Line Rotation: ±180°

Laser Dimensions

Length (mm): 164
Width (mm): 110
Depth (mm): 76
Weight (g): 725


Complies with Center for Devices and Radiological
Health regulations for Class II lasers and all CE requirements.
Certified to: IEC 60601 (Safety): IEC 60825-1 (Laser): 21 CFR 1040: MDD 93/42/EEC Gammex is a ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer.

  • 1When installed > 3 ft. from the center of the bore, and during imaging without the need for posts of stanchions.
  • 2Based on total volume compared to LAP Apollo published specifications.