TomoTherapy® Beam QA Made Easy

TomoDose is a 2D array for independent quality assurance and trouble-shooting measurements of a TomoTherapy® system. The system provides quick simultaneous full field profile measurements for the Y and X axes and comprehensive beam analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Use for QA on all TomoTherapy systems
    • Routine QA
    • Post component replacement QA
    • Daily QA
  • Measure entire Hi-Art beam in a single measurement
    • Single X-axis and nine Y-axis detector arrays (total of 10)
    • Output, symmetry, flatness, field size, penumbra, beam center
    • Instantaneous dose rate
  • Only array designed for TomoTherapy Hi-Art
  • Accessibility to raw data
  • Import water tank data and compare to TomoDose files
  • Fast and efficient setup

TomoDose software displaying X and Y Axes

S2  Monitor Diagram


S3  Tomo Dose Diagram


Detector Type: SunPoint® Diode Detectors
Detector Quantity: 223 total on X and Y
Detector Spacing: (mm) X Primary: 5.0Y
Primary: 4.0Y
Offset: 8.0
Field Size:(cm) 53.0 x 9.8
Array Length: (cm) X: 53.0Y: 9.8 (8.0 at ±19.0)
Y Axes Offset: (cm) ±5.0, ±10.0, ±15.0, ±19.0 cm
Inherent Backscatter: (g/cm2) 2.3
Active Detector Area: (mm2) 0.64
Detector Volume: (cm3) 0.000019
Detector Sensitivity: (nC/Gy) 32.0
Detector Stability: 0.5%/kGy at 6MV
Maximum Dose Rate Limit: (Gy/min) 56.0
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP 32-bit, or Vista 32-bit
Dimensions: L/W/H (cm) 25.6 x 52.0 x 6.0
Weight: (kg) 5.0
Number of Connection Cables: Single power/data cable