IVD2 & rf-IVD2

IVD2 & rf-IVD2

Therapist Friendly - Physicist Approved

Easy to use real-time patient-dose radiation monitoring with available wireless technology.

  • Choose IVD 2 (wired) or rf-IVD 2 (wireless):
    • Expandable up to 52 channels for TBI
  • Includes four (IVD 2) or eight (rf-IVD 2) standard channels
  • Programmable Control Module
  • Use with industry standard re-usable detector options:
    • QED Detector – flat for easy patient placement
    • ISORAD™ Detector – cylindrical for isotropic response
  • Simple to install, and easy to use
  • Automatic patient temperature compensation
  • Use with Control Module or PC Software
  • Patient database and correction factor tools
S3 Linac Rf  Ivd

rf-IVD 2 Wireless (1136)

S3 Rf  Ivd Holder

IVD 2 Control Module

S3 Rf  Ivd
S4  Ivd


  • Real-time wired operation
  • Four channel
  • Expandable to 52 channels
  • Standard Control Module and PC software
S4 Rf Ivd Resized

rf-IVD 2

  • Real-time wireless operation:
    • No cables on treatment room floor
Control Module

Control Module

  • PC not required
  • Takes up less space:
    • Wall mountable
S4 Software Resized

PC Software Adds

  • Patient database
  • Automatic correction factors
  • Record and Verify interface
  • Additional measurement options


  • Networkable patient database for storing results
  • Programmable templates
  • ‘Single Measurement’ and ‘Patient Measurement’ mode:
    • For multiple fraction dose recording
  • Expected vs measured dose difference and visual indicator
  • Automatically apply selected correction factors
  • Password protection

Detector Choices

S6  Qed  Graph

QED Detector

Easy Placement Dose Monitoring

  • Flat design for easy placement on patient
  • Accurate and stable SunPoint® Diode Detector
  • Active dimension of 0.8 x 0.8 mm
  • 32 nC/Gy sensitivity
  • 3m/1.5m cable lengths available
S6  Isorad  Graph


Angular Independent Dose Monitoring

  • Cylindrical design for isotropic response
  • Accurate and stable SunPoint Diode Detector
  • Active dimension of 1.4 mm in diameter
  • 27 nC/Gy sensitivity
  • 3m/1.5m cable lengths available


Detector Module

Channels: Testvalue
Repeatability: ± 0.2% or ± 0.1cGy
Polarity: Bipolar (negative or positive polarity detectors)
Leakage: Automatic compensation
Calibration: User calibrated
Warm-up time (sec): < 30
Wireless frequency (MHz)
USA: 916.5
EU: 433.92
Power: Rechargeable NiMH battery (12 hr) Power supply
Dimension L/W/H (cm) 7.0 x 12.0 x 3.0
Weight (kg): 0.34

Control Module

Display Range: 0 to 99.999Gy; 0 to 9999.9cGy;
Display: 0 to 9999.9Rad
Power: LCD, 2 Line, 16 characters/line Medical power supply operating on 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz mains, providing 18 VDC output
Dimension L/W/H (cm) 7.0 x 12.0 x 3.0
Dimension L/W/H (cm) 7.0 x 12.0 x 3.0

What is Included

Control module: Standard
PC Software: Standard
Number of pods
rf-IVD 2: two
IVD 2: one (four channels)
Wall mounted charging bracket: Standard


S8  Isorad  Specs


S8  Qed  Specs