Automate Plan Quality Verification and Reporting Workflows

  • Physics Checks
  • Dosimetric Checks
  • Plan Quality and Billing-Compliant Reports

Plan checks often require significant experience, time and expertise to ensure treatment plans are created as intended. PlanCHECK™, the latest advancement of the SunCHECK™ Patient workflow, eases the burden of performing checks.

As part of the SunCHECK™ Platform, PlanCHECK fits seamlessly within the SunCHECK Patient workflow – providing an all-in-one solution for plan quality checks, secondary calculations, pre-treatment QA and in-vivo monitoring.

Plancheck Qa Workflow Copy

Features & Benefits

PlanCHECK automatically loads data from Eclipse™ and other DICOM-compliant TPSs – reducing the time required for this intensive process.

  • Comprehensive Rules-Based Physics Plan Checks: automatically apply pass, warn, and fail criteria
  • Dose/Volume Results: automatically verified against a selected clinical protocol
  • Plan Compare: user-friendly evaluation of dosimetric performance for quick comparison of multiple patient treatment plans
  • Professional Plan Quality Reports: support documentation and audit needs

Integrated Patient QA in Action

Physics Checks

Validate the treatment plan against your department’s requirements, and easily identify deviations with user-defineable pass/fail results. Over 50 rules-based checks, including:

  • Treatment and non-treatment beam verifications
  • Isocenter, geometry, control point and couch
    angle checks
  • Collision checks
  • Image and contour data validation
  • Treatment laterality checks

Dosimetric Checks

Automatically assess performance of a treatment plan versus treatment intent, including expanded metrics using PlanIQ™ Quality Metrics. Comprehensive, structure-based checks include:

  • Dose/volume metrics compared to user-definable
  • Plan Quality Metric (PQM) score
  • Margin/expansion checks
  • Plan comparisons

Billing Compliance / Reporting

Quickly generate reports for patient chart and billing documentation. Reports have the necessary components for billing compliance.