Our mission is to enable healthier lives by improving the avoidance, detection and treatment of cancer. From it comes unrivaled innovation, quality and service for diverse fields.

With our Radon Monitoring technologies, we work with building inspectors and radon measurement professionals to improve the avoidance of cancer.

Through our Diagnostic business, we provide solutions to ensure the quality of imaging techniques – all aimed at improving cancer detection.

To support continuous improvement in the treatment of cancer, we lead the Radiation Therapy field with integrated hardware and software solutions for Patient and Machine QA, as well as Dosimetry.

Patient Safety Starts Here
We are proud to partner with more than 5,000 cancer centers in over 100 countries worldwide, supporting our customers' everyday efforts to ensure patient safety.

End-to-End Solutions and Support
We provide QA solutions for both the Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy fields -- aiming to ease technology adoption, improve outcomes and enhance workflows.


Worldwide Market Leader in Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance


Worldwide Cancer Treatment Facilities Use Sun Nuclear Solutions


of U.S. Cancer Treatment Centers Use Sun Nuclear Solutions


Countries with Sun Nuclear Solutions

Many companies boast of innovation but few embrace it like Sun Nuclear. We question assumptions and challenge conventions in pursuit of smarter ways to do QA.

Our approach has led to numerous breakthrough solutions that have changed the industry for the better.

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