Sun Nuclear Corporation, the worldwide leader in Radiation Oncology patient safety solutions, has announced the release of its 3D SCANNER™ Halcyon™ Kit with SNC Dosimetry™ v3.6, developed to support beam model verification and acceptance of the Varian Halcyon System.

This new kit from Sun Nuclear includes features within the 3D SCANNER cylindrical water tank developed specifically to address quality assurance of the Halcyon. These features include a couch positioning platform indexed to the Halcyon couch and coordinate system; Autosetup™ Routine functionality that yields a measurement based objective setup; and a new, patent-pending leveling technique.

Included in the Kit, SNC Dosimetry Software version 3.6 features Halcyon-specific scan support, and an enhanced FFF algorithm with beam edge analysis for all protocols.

“The Halcyon Kit illustrates Sun Nuclear’s commitment to partnering with customers and linear accelerator manufacturers to provide independent QA tools for leading-edge technologies like Halcyon,” said Jeff Zack, Sun Nuclear Senior Director of RT Measurements. “Multiple clinics have selected Sun Nuclear as their partner for Halcyon quality assurance.”

The 3D SCANNER™ and SNC Dosimetry software will be on display at the upcoming 2018 ASTRO Annual Meeting in Booth 1302.