Melbourne, Florida –Sun Nuclear’s subsidiary Gammex announced today that it has installed a MICRO+™ patient alignment laser system at the Mercyhealth Hospital-Rockton Avenue Cancer Center--the first MICRO+ system to be installed worldwide.

In 2014, Sun Nuclear, the worldwide leader in QA, dosimetry and patient safety solutions for Radiation Oncology, acquired Gammex, the original innovator in patient alignment for CT simulation and radiation therapy, with more than 4,000 laser installations worldwide. Under Sun Nuclear ownership, Gammex developed MICRO+™, which represents the latest technology in remote controlled lasers for patient alignment during radiation therapy treatments.

Simplifying Laser Alignment
Radiation Oncology Centers use linear accelerators for radiation cancer treatment (radiation therapy). Lasers are used during the treatment process to indicate beam isocenter relative to the patient and to aid in patient setup. They play a vital role in quality control before a patient is treated.

Patient alignment lasers do not often need adjustment, but when they do, it’s important that they are able to be adjusted quickly and easily. Gammex and Sun Nuclear worked with clinicians to research ways to streamline the laser alignment workflow–the result is MICRO+.

The Cancer Center at Mercyhealth Hospital-Rockton Avenue is already experiencing improved workflow with the new laser system. “The remote control is much easier to use than my previous remote laser systems,” said V.N. Bulusu, M.S., Medical Physicist at Mercyhealth Hospital-Rockton Avenue. “The backlighting makes it easy to select any laser and begin adjusting. And the Bluetooth technology allows me to concentrate on the phantom without having to point the remote at the laser units.”

Advantages of MICRO+
The MICRO+ allows 12 possible laser alignment adjustments from only four intuitive controls. Features such as backlighting and a remote locator help increase efficiency in the clinic.

MICRO+ provides the option to select from red, green or blue laser colors, all at the same price. Mercyhealth opted for blue. “Our therapists are able to take advantage of the crisp blue laser lines for more accurate patient marking,” said Bulusu.

“Alignment is an integral step in ensuring patients are receiving accurate radiation therapy,” said Eric Schloesser, President of Gammex. “We are pleased Mercyhealth has chosen our MICRO+ laser system. Our aim is that the MICRO+ patient alignment QA solution helps to ease clinical processes and ultimately enhance patient safety.”

About Sun Nuclear

Sun Nuclear is the worldwide leader in QA and dosimetry solutions for Radiation Oncology. We design and manufacture devices and software for delivery systems and patient prescription verification. We hold numerous patents for groundbreaking product designs, and distribute solutions globally, both directly and through a network of 60+ distributors. Gammex, a leader in laser alignment technology and QA tools for the diagnostic radiology field, is a wholly-owned subsidiary. Visit us: Follow us: @sunnuclear.

About Mercyhealth

Mercyhealth is a regional health system with 5 hospitals and 80 facilities throughout 30 northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin communities. Its Rockton Avenue location has been committed to serving the health care needs of the Rockford, Illinois, community since it first opened its doors as Rockford Hospital in 1885. For more information on Mercyhealth, visit

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