Sun Nuclear has announced the release of the Daily QA™-MR, the world’s first daily array for MR-Guided Radiation Therapy (MRgRT).

The new Daily QA-MR is built specifically to accommodate MR environments and performs three simultaneous beam quality checks — output, transverse symmetry and axial symmetry — for faster daily QA in the presence of magnetic fields up to 1.5T.

Leadership in MRgRT Patient & Machine QA
Sun Nuclear was first to market with dedicated MRgRT QA devices, enabling the clinical adoption of MRgRT systems worldwide. To date, more than 50 ArcCHECK-MR devices are already in use worldwide, making it the go-to solution for MR-guided patient QA. In addition, over 50 IC PROFILER-MR systems have been delivered to both of the leading MR-linac providers, and clinicians, to test, commission and perform QA on MRgRT systems. The Daily QA-MR is the next logical step in extending Sun Nuclear’s leadership in safe, efficient and effective MR-guided RT QA.

MRgRT QA Clinical Experience
On November 7, 2019, Sun Nuclear is pleased to offer a webinar presentation from an esteemed clinical user on experience using ArcCHECK-MR and IC PROFILER-MR in support of commissioning and routine quality assurance, and initial experience with Daily QA-MR. Kathryn Mittauer, Ph.D., Medical Physicist, will present “Commissioning and QA of an MR-guided Online Adaptive Program.” Registration is open for clinicians interested in attending the presentation.

“QA solutions that address the unique challenges of MRgRT are paramount to further adoption of and access to this promising modality,” notes Jeff Simon, CEO of Sun Nuclear. “At Sun Nuclear, we have always strived to ease technology adoption, and we are proud to provide MR QA solutions that offer the same level of efficiency and quality our customers have come to expect from our leading non-MR product lines.”

Visit to learn more about Sun Nuclear’s MRgRT QA solutions, including MICRO+™-MR lasers and Solid Water® HE.

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