On January 23-24, 2020, Sun Nuclear will co-host a SunCHECK™user meeting for new and prospective SunCHECK users. The event will be held at AZ Sint Augustines Hospital, part of Iridium Kankernetwerk, a SunCHECK reference site in Belgium. Iridium Kankernetwerk is part of a worldwide user group of leading facilities researching efficiency gains and patient outcome optimization through use of SunCHECK for integrated and automated Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance.

Over the course of two days, Dirk Verellen, Ph.D., Director of Medical Physics and Radiotherapy at GZA hospital group, will highlight his department’s experience implementing SunCHECK, and best practices learned since deploying SunCHECK for clinical use.

Users will learn about:

  • Centralizing data and management among sites
  • Automating workflows for Patient QA and Machine QA
  • Improving efficiency to make more time for high-value tasks
  • Optimizing operations through risk management and downtime prevention
  • Ensuring compliance with accreditation bodies and internal requirements
  • Increasing standardization across all phases and machines, and between sites and staff

Prospective users will also learn about SunDEPLOYS™, our SunCHECK implementation support program.

About SunCHECK

Trusted by users at hundreds of facilities worldwide, SunCHECK is an integrated and automated Quality Management Platform that helps standardize Patient and Machine QA workflows among staff, machines, and across locations. The SunCHECK Patient module encompasses all parts of Patient QA, spanning Plan Checks, Secondary Checks, Pre-Treatment QA, and In-Vivo Monitoring. The SunCHECK Machine module integrates all Machine QA needs, including convenient template-driven comprehensive Daily, Monthly, Annual QA, automated imaging, MLC and VMAT QA, and data trending.

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About Iridium Kankernetwerk

Iridium Kankernetwerk includes several hospitals in the Antwerp region of Belgium (GZA hospital group, ZNA hospital group, UZA, AZ KLINA, AZ Nikolaas, AZ Monica, and AZ St Jozef), with 11 linear accelerators in total. The network includes a staff of 14 Medical Physicists and 5 Physics Assistants, and provides nearly 5,600 radiation therapy treatments each year. Iridium Kankernetwerk unifies all radiotherapy services in the region to provide optimal care for patients from the Greater Antwerp and Waasland in Belgium.