Sun Nuclear Corporation, the worldwide leader in Radiation Oncology Patient Safety solutions, has announced the 100th shipment of its new SRS MapCHECK™. The milestone device will be used at a new Kaiser Permanente facility in California to help with commissioning of their stereotactic program, including end-to-end testing and dosimetric validations. Released in May 2018, the SRS MapCHECK has generated significant clinical interest from Radiation Therapy clinics worldwide. With the recent release of its latest integrated software, SNC Patient™ v8.1, the SRS MapCHECK provides absolute dose.

An innovative stereotactic Patient QA tool, the SRS MapCHECK replaces film for patient-specific stereotactic QA. It was designed to insert into Sun Nuclear’s StereoPHAN™ phantom for stereotactic commissioning and end-to-end testing. Together, these tools expedite the workflow for time-sensitive patient QA.

“The SRS MapCHECK shows very good agreement with film dosimetry for field sizes ranging from 7.0 cm to 0.5 cm,” notes Brett Miller, M.S., DABR, University of Tennessee Medical Center, an early adopter of SRS MapCHECK. “It proves to be an effective, time-saving substitute for film and point dose measurements.”

SNC Patient software compares the dose distribution of the treatment plan file imported from a Treatment Planning System (TPS) to the actual measured values. The release of v8.1 adds the Absolute Dose feature. With this release, users can query various points from the dose distribution, including absolute dose from the measured and planned dose data, absolute and relative dose difference between measured and planned dose data, and location relative to isocenter. Measurements use standard radiotherapy dose comparison metrics: gamma analysis, dose difference analysis, and supports sub-millimeter distance criterion.

“We are seeing rapid clinical adoption of the SRS MapCHECK and are pleased to release the latest version of the SNC Patient software for the full realization of the SRS MapCHECK’s capabilities,” notes Jeff Zack, Sun Nuclear Senior Director of RT Measurements.

SRS MapCHECK will be on display at the upcoming 2018 ASTRO Annual Meeting in Booth 1302, and addressed during in-booth talks, “Replacing Film with a New Diode Array for Stereotactic End-to-End Testing” and “Multi-Institution Stereotactic QA Results Using SRS MapCHECK.”

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