On Monday, September 9th, in Santiago, Chile, Sun Nuclear will host a workshop focused on quality assurance for stereotactic procedures in radiation oncology. The event takes place during the International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP) and Latin American Congress of Medical Physics (ALFIM).

A. Federic Bregains and Tomas Spretz of Argentina’s Fundación CEMENER - Entre Ríos will join Sun Nuclear’s Eduardo Sabino as presenters. The program will cover the following topics:

  • ICRU 91 Protocol
  • TG 218 Protocol
  • TG 142 Protocol focused on SRS
  • End-to-End Testing for SRS
  • Winston-Lutz Test
  • Picket Fence Test
  • SRS/SBRT Patient Specific QA without Film
  • Validation of the SRS MapCHECK – Diode Array for SRS
  • Comparison of Multiple Solutions for SRS/SBRT PSQA
  • Integrated QA Platform
  • Big data

Registration is open for the workshop, but limited seats remain.

As a sponsor of ICMP & ALFIM 2019, Sun Nuclear will also have a booth in the conference’s exhibit space. In addition to its suite of stereotactic QA solutions, the company will present its comprehensive range of end-to-end Quality Management offerings, including the SunCHECK™ Platform for independent, integrated Patient and Machine QA.