Melbourne, FloridaSun Nuclear Corporation announced today that its SunCHECK™ Quality Management Platform user base now exceeds 1,000 users globally in nearly 60 countries. SunCHECK automates and integrates Quality Management, enabling Radiation Therapy departments to standardize Patient and Machine Quality Assurance (QA) workflows among staff, machines, and locations. With the latest version 3.1 software release, SunCHECK users have even more flexibility to support their unique requirements.

Clinics worldwide rely on SunCHECK for a real-time understanding of their Patient and Machine QA – consolidated in a single, browser-based platform.

SunCHECK™ Patient incorporates Plan Checks, Secondary Calculations, Pre-Treatment QA and In-Vivo Monitoring all in a single workflow. SunCHECK™ Machine integrates all Machine QA needs, including Daily, Monthly, and Annual QA; automated imaging, MLC and VMAT QA; and data trending. Plus, device integration with Daily QA™ 3, IC PROFILER™ and ArcCHECK® enables further automation and centralization of data.

“As we expand SunCHECK’s capabilities, we are adding and enhancing features that improve workflow and meet the unique needs of Radiation Therapy departments worldwide,” said Jeff Simon, CEO of Sun Nuclear. “We continue to hear from SunCHECK users how the Platform has helped them standardize and streamline their Quality Management, and has offered remote QA capabilities over this past year as teams looked to stagger staff time in the clinic.”

The latest v3.1 software release brings 50+ feature enhancements. For Patient QA, key enhancements include Monte Carlo-based secondary dose calculation for Accuray Radixact® and TomoTherapy® plans created with a precision Treatment Planning System, and structure and alias improvements. For Machine QA, expanded custom task and custom reporting functionality adds:

  • Flexibility to create machine QA templates to department-specific requirements,
  • Additional custom integration with Daily QA 3 and IC PROFILER into custom tasks, and the
  • Ability to share templates with other users, and to generate custom reports.

For SunCHECK users in Germany, the new release offers DIN protocol baseline templates, with more than 85 DIN tasks.

“I am pleased we can offer this new enhancement to our customers in Germany. We engaged several clinics for an early test phase of the new DIN protocol templates and they were excited about our approach,” notes Thorsten Bentzien, Sun Nuclear’s Commercial Director for Germany & Austria.

SunCHECK provides flexibility and scalability; from one module for one linac, to the full platform for multiple linacs, and anything in between. Learn more:

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Sun Nuclear provides innovative solutions for Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging centers. Our mission is to enable healthier lives by improving the avoidance, detection and treatment of cancer. More than 5,000 cancer centers worldwide rely on us for independent, integrated Quality Management. With a focus on ongoing support, we aim to ease technology adoption, enhance workflows and improve outcomes – so that healthcare providers can achieve real results for Patient Safety. Visit us: Follow us: @sunnuclear.