Sun Nuclear and CIRS are now part of the new Mirion Medical brand, reinforcing our healthcare focus within Mirion. With complementary and proven product portfolios, we share a commitment to easing technology adoption, optimizing Quality Management, and ensuring Patient Safety.

As part of this change, CIRS will integrate into the Sun Nuclear brand, taking on the new look for Sun Nuclear as part of the Mirion Medical group.

Featured CIRS Solutions

All CIRS solutions are now part of Sun Nuclear. See featured solutions below. As we work to integrate CIRS into the Sun Nuclear brand, you can continue to find CIRS solutions on

SRS MR Distortion Phantom (603GS)

Assess MR image distortion in stereotactic radiosurgery planning.

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Zeus MRgRT Motion Management QA Phantom

Ensure quality and safety for procedures that integrate MR imaging with real-time motion management.

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Stereotactic End-to-End Verification (STEEV) Phantom

Check all steps of a treatment planning system — from diagnostic imaging with CT, MR and PET, to treatment plan verification — for SRS/SBRT procedures.

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Triple Modality 3D Abdominal Phantom

CIRS Model 057A - Addressing CT, MR & Ultrasound Needs

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Multi-Purpose, Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom

CIRS Model 040GSE - Complete with Elasticity Targets

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Large Field MR Image Distortion Phantom

CIRS Model 604-GS - Pair with Distortion Check Software

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What to Expect

As a CIRS Customer

During this transition, you may see a mix of CIRS and Sun Nuclear branding on your products and accessories. Please note: both and will remain active for the foreseeable future.

Rest assured, regardless of the logo, your products have been manufactured with the utmost attention to quality and will receive the same exceptional level of service you have come to expect from us. Our commitment to easing technology adoption, optimizing Quality Management, and ensuring Patient Safety remains at the forefront of all we do.