In this issue, we're focused on practical approaches to building strong, end-to-end stereotactic programs.

There are significant benefits to performing stereotactic treatments for both patients and clinicians. However, this type of program requires tighter tolerances to ensure safe delivery.

One clinician recently had this to say about expanding his department's SRS program:

"As our SRS program grew, we quickly realized that film was not going to cut it. The SRS MapCHECK is equivalent to film on a good film day and greatly exceeds it on a bad film day, all while saving significant time. ​​​​​The size of the array is sufficient, and the user-friendly software guides us through setup. We’ve measured up to 20 targets in one plan and confirmed each and every met was calculated accurately."

  • Mark W Geurts, MS, DABR, CQE, Aspirus Regional Cancer Center

Achieving a strong stereotactic program is possible without causing a QA burden to the Medical Physics team. In June, we're pleased to host a webinar presented by Rebecca Culcasi, M.S., of Karmanos Cancer Institute, on how her department developed their SRS program.

SRS Commissioning and QA Test Cases: A TG-119 Equivalent for SRS

Webinar // Presented by Rebecca Culcasi, M.S., Karmanos Cancer Institute

With the aim to create a standardized SRS program, the Karmanos Cancer Institute Medical Physics department developed 5 test cases with increasing complexity to establish confidence limits similar to those defined within AAPM TG-119 for IMRT commissioning. Join this webinar to hear about their initial experience and transition to a stringent clinical stereotactic program, leveraging Sun Nuclear’s SRS MapCHECK® and StereoPHAN™.

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Publications of Note

Commissioning cranial single-isocenter multi-target radiosurgery for the Versa HDC Knill, et al, JACMP, March 2021

Brainlab’s Elements Multiple Brain Mets SRS (MBMS) is a dedicated treatment planning system for single-isocenter multi-target (SIMT) cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) treatments. This study presents the commissioning experience of MBMS on an Elekta Versa HD. Read it here

Commissioning of the TrueBeam STx 6 MV FFF Beam in the RayStation Treatment Planning System for SRS and SBRT TreatmentsY Lee, Y Kim, International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology, 10, 16-37

The purpose of this study is to provide technical information on commissioning the TrueBeam STx 6 MV flattening-filter free (FFF) beam in the RayStation treatment planning system (TPS) for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments. Read it here

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