Highlighting ESTRO 2024 Key Moments

At ESTRO 2024, Sun Nuclear launched SunCHECK v5.0, featuring new enhancements for quality management in radiation therapy. The event also highlighted the debut of the AVa™ Phantom and updated SunDOSE™ software. Mirion CEO Tom Logan led a key symposium discussing advancements in cancer treatment.

The Debut of SunCHECK v5.0
Demo stations for our recently announced SunCHECK® Version 5.0 were bustling throughout ESTRO. This latest version features 20+ enhancements that make it easier to optimize Quality Management

Additional Innovations

Beyond SunCHECK, we also introduced a range of new products at ESTRO, including:

  • The AVa™ Phantom, a new accessory for the StereoPHAN™ that enables QA for surface-guided radiation therapy (SGRT)
  • SunDOSE™ software, which now includes TPS Dose Comparison and Live Scan QA functionalities, featured during daily SunSCAN™ 3D water scanning system demonstrations
  • The Dynamic Thorax Phantom, now offering a deformable-surface accessory for deviceless 4D CT system QA.

40+ Abstracts Presented

A multitude of abstracts at ESTRO covered the use of Sun Nuclear solutions for a range of applications. Download a summary of these abstracts here.

    Catch Up On Our Latest SunCHECK Release

    Learn how SunCHECK addresses workflow challenges with a connected workspace that aggregates insights, actions, and opportunities to improve radiation therapy.

    JUNE 6 | 12 PM EDT | 18:00 CEST
    SunCHECK v5.0 is the 3rd significant release for the software in 12 months, delivering 20+ new features and user-driven enhancements. New UI. Plan quality insights. Expanded device control. Join this webinar for a tour of what’s new.

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    The AVa Phantom, SunCHECK v5.0, SIM+ Pro, and new features for Dynamic Thorax Phantom are not available for sale in all markets.

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