With a program that requires strict adherence to oversight and compliance, the Dayton VA Medical Center recognized a need for a more efficient, standardized way of performing and tracking Quality Management.

In this issue, learn what the Dayton VA Medical Center aimed to achieve by implementing SunCHECK for its Quality Management program.

Some of Dayton VA Medical Center's goals for Machine QA and Patient QA included:

End reliance on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and binders

Enable centralized, electronic QA records and schedules/procedures

Minimize time to perform QA, analyze data, and prepare documentation to meet AAPM TG142 and ACR-ROPA requirements

Perform and document QA during clinical hours and maintain easy-to-recall data for audits

Reduce variability in QA program

Simplify QA and IT infrastructure from multiple software programs

Better leverage their Treatment System imager

Rely on RTTs for pre-treatment QA images and improve pre-treatment QA using EPID

Independently verify accuracy of delivery during patient treatments through automated in-vivo dosimetry

Provide guidance regarding the need for re-planning

Building a Complete QA Program & Improving Patient Care

Webinar // November 2 // 12 PM US ET

Presented by William Ruck, MS, DABR, DABMP,
Chief Medical Physicist,
Dayton VA Medical Center - Ohio

In an upcoming webinar, Chief Medical Physicist William Ruck will offer an overview of how his center is able to meet their departmental goals with SunCHECK. He'll also discuss several plan anomalies and in-vivo anatomy changes discovered from new Patient QA processes.

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"As part of the VA, standardization of tools, templates and processes is important to us and our facilities. The scalability of SunCHECK allows for easy standardization – both within a single facility and throughout a larger network."

  • William Ruck, M.S., DABR, DABMP, Chief Therapeutic Medical Physicist, Dayton VA Medical Center

QADS 2022

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