The Virtual Human Male Pelvis Phantom was designed for use in diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy for imaging dosimetry teaching and demonstration applications.

Sun Nuclear has combined this anatomical detail with our advanced tissue-mimicking technology. The Virtual Human Male Pelvis Phantom is made from proprietary epoxy materials that mimic the density and radiation attenuation properties of human tissue within 1% from 50 keV to 25 MeV. It contains anatomically precise bone, cartilage, spinal cord, vertebral disks, muscle, intestines, bladder, prostate, rectum and interstitial fat.

The grid contains 5mm diameter through holes filled with homogeneous tissue equivalent plugs for TLD placement. Hole locations are optimized for internal organ dosimetry. Ion chamber cavities, other grid patterns and hole diameters are available upon request.

Elevate your radiology department with our Virtual Male Pelvis Phantom

Mid Coronal CT

Mid Sagittal CT

Mid Axial CT

AP X-ray


Device Specifications

Overall Dimensions

35.6 cm x 30.5 cm x 25.4 cm

(14" x 12" x 10")

Phantom Weight

24.9 kg (55 lb)


Epoxy Resin