SUN DAYS is an invite-only, in-depth educational event. You'll spend two days at our headquarters learning from our staff Medical Physicists on best practices using Sun Nuclear QA solutions, all while earning credits. We hope you consider joining us.

Preview the schedule for SUN DAYS and click the link to register. Space is limited, so plan to register by August 31, 2020, to reserve your spot. Meals and transportation during the event will be provided.

SUN DAYS has been approved by CAMPEP for 11.75 MPCEC credits.

Save your seat at SUN DAYS

Day 1 Agenda

8:30 - Introduction to Sun Nuclear
Jeff Simon, Sun Nuclear CEO

8:40 - Sun Nuclear Solutions & SunCHECK™ Overview
Greg Robinson, M.S.

9:15 - Linac Beam Modeling Errors, Small Field Considerations & Commissioning Overview Following TG-106
Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR

10:15 - Break

10:30 - Practice on Linac Commissioning - Equipment and Software
Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Overview of the History, Theory, Design & Manufacturing of Radiation Measurement Equipment
Bill Simon, M.S., Chief Science Officer

2:30 - Effective Machine QA
Eduardo Sabino & Greg Robsinson, M.S.

4:00 - Break

4:15 - Review of TG-66 QA Methodology for CT-Sim
Greg Robinson, M.S.

4:30 - Stereotactic Commissioning & QA Overview
Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR

5:00 - Practice on Stereotactic Commissioning & QA
Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR & Eduardo Sabino

5:45 - Close of Educational Sessions; Group Dinner off-site

Day 2 Agenda

9:00 - Patient Specific IMRT QA - Following TG-218
Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR

9:30 - Practice on Patient Specific IMRT QA - Equipment & Software

Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR, & Eduardo Sabino

10:00 - Independent Dose & MU Verification for IMRT Patient Specific Quality Assurance - TG-219

Jennifer Clark, M.S., DABR

10:30 - Break

10:45 - A Novel Dose Prediction Tool for Automated Treatment Planning
Greg Robinson, M.S.

11:30 - Integrated & Automated Platform for RT QA - Overview

Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 - Travel to Orlando Health - UF Health Cancer

2:30 - Clinical Implementation of Integrated & Automated Platform for RT QA
Jessica Kelley, Ph.D., Senior Medical Physicist, UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health

3:30 - Unique Features - Integrated & Automated Platform for RT QA

Jennifer Clark, M.S., DABR

4:30 - End of SUN DAYS

Join us in Melbourne for 2 days of learning.