Multiple Site & OIS Support

Starting with v4.3, a single instance of SunCHECK can support multiple OIS/R&V systems. Now, large institutions with unique setups across locations can point to one on-premise or cloud-based SunCHECK instance.

Multi OIS large

In previous versions of SunCHECK, there was a limitation where only one OIS (R&V system) could be linked to a SunCHECK instance/database. However, with the introduction of multi-OIS support in version 4.3, this constraint has been overcome. Now, SunCHECK has the capability to support multiple sites or locations, each with their own OIS/R&V system, using just one SunCHECK database. Whether your SunCHECK instance is on-premises or cloud-based, this solution provides the flexibility and scalability needed to accommodate diverse OIS configurations.

Easier, Flexible Platform Management

In addition, SunCHECK v4.3 introduces other features that enable easier management of the software, including:

  • Single-sign on (SSO) capabilities, leveraging your IT department's authentication system and simplifying password and user management
  • Automatic patient inactivation feature to remove patient data at a user-defined time when no longer needed for better data management
  • More permission options to create groups and define which users have access to which machines

On-Demand Demo

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the new v4.3 features. Watch it here

Upgrade Now

Current SunCHECK users with an active support license can download the latest version of SunCHECK now on the Sun Nuclear Support Site. Please check your email for important instructions on downloading.