Surfacing Insights, Driving Decisions

Our clean and simple new user interface centers on an intuitive Worklist, providing at-a-glance views of tasks to do, delivery system status, and assets requiring attention.

Connect teams and tasks.

  • Easily understand Patient events at different phases of QA -- from plan checks to secondary dose calculations to pre-treatment QA, and through in vivo QA.
  • Get a straightforward look at Machine tests coming due, pending review, or completed.
  • See assets that may require attention -- with notes to present important details quickly.

Improve quality and efficiency.

    Within Workspaces, your team can dive deep into the details on Patients and on Machines.

    • Get a clear list of who is on treatment and in what phase.
    • Easily sort by phase, treatment site, treatment machine, relevant events, and dates for treatment.
    • Do in-depth reviews of plans using Plan Feasibility evaluation and Plan Complexity metrics.
    • Access a dashboard of all delivery systems, QA templates in use, status, and what's next due.
    • Further streamline data acquisition and support smarter workflows with expanded direct device connectivity and control.
    • Apply flexible Machine QA analysis parameters for easier assessment of images being acquired.

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