We're pleased to announce the MultiMet-WL Cube is now available for shipments. The latest addition to our SRS QA solutions suite, the MultiMet-WL cube quantifies the margin of error for off-axis SRS targets, measuring error margins for single-isocenter multiple metastases treatments.

Features in Focus

Designed to work as a standalone phantom, or in conjunction with the StereoPHAN™, the MultiMet-WL Cube offers:

  • 6 spherical targets set at precise locations
  • Easy phantom orientation and alignment to delivery system
  • Compatibility with Cone, MLC or Jaw deliveries
  • User-friendly software

An Effective Addition to End-to-End Testing

“This phantom… provides a simple method to verify targeting accuracy for multiple lesions with single isocenter. Its integration with the SteroPHAN™ makes it an effective supplemental tool for end-to-end testing for SRS.”

Development of a Phantom to Verify Targeting Accuracy of Single-Isocenter Multiple Lesion Stereotactic Radiosurgery, AAPM 2019