As clinics move toward single-isocenter multiple-met SRS treatments, more stringent off-axis QA is needed. The MultiMet-WL Cube efficiently measures targets up to 7 cm off-axis within 0.1 mm accuracy.

Six Isocenters for MultiMet QA
The MultiMet-WL Cube uses six targets set at precise locations from isocenter to measure off-axis and rotational gantry, collimator, and couch errors.

Off-Axis WL Tests, Fast
Complete six off-axis Winston-Lutz tests in the time it would normally take to complete just one. Automated software and an optimized RT plan enable fast and clinically useful analysis of the combined W/L results.

Versatile Small-Field Tool
Use as a standalone phantom or combine with the StereoPHAN™ and SRS MapCHECK® for an end-to-end stereotactic QA program.

Learn how the MultiMet-WL Cube can advance your SRS program.

“The MultiMet Winston Lutz cube is a very useful tool in our stereotactic treatment pathway, arguably our most complex treatment technique. During commissioning on our second radiosurgery linac, it helped diagnose a genuine couch fault at an extreme angle. The MultiMet-WL gives us real confidence in our off-axis treatment deliveries. We use it without fail before every stereotactic treatment.”

  • Alice Brain, MSc
  • Senior Clinical Scientist Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Off-axis Winston-Lutz tests analyzed in software to determine targeting errors.

Six targets enable quantifying the margin of error up to 7 cm off-axis

Software indicates Isocenter offsets on a dimensional plane.

Software includes the RT plan, transfers the image, and analyzes for setup errors, including magnitude and source of error (gantry, couch, or collimator in 6 degrees of freedom).


Device Specifications

Dimensions: (mm)

85 x 85 x 195


6 (5 mm diameter) tungsten targets in specified locations

Target to Cross-Hair Tolerance

± 0.1 mm

Target Material

Tungsten Carbide

Quantifiable Off-Axis Accuracy Range

Up to 7 cm

Compatibility/System Requirements



Cone, MLC, & Jaw Deliveries


Varian Medical Systems® Trilogy™, TrueBeam®, and Edge® Systems


Elekta Versa HD™ and Synergy® Systems


Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Imager Minimum Required Pixel Pitch

≤0.50 mm