Melbourne, FL—From July 25 to July 29, during the 2021 AAPM Meeting, Sun Nuclear Corporation (Sun Nuclear) will feature its comprehensive portfolio of independent, integrated Quality Management solutions for Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging. Highlighted in the Sun Nuclear virtual booth and educational program will be advances for the SunCHECK™ software platform, which enables centralized and standardized Radiation Therapy Quality Management, and the SRS MapCHECK® array, which facilitates fast, film-less, and proven Quality Assurance (QA) for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments.

New Comprehensive Support for Accuray’s CyberKnife® System
For clinical users of Sun Nuclear’s ArcCHECK®, MapCHECK® and SRS MapCHECK devices, SNC Patient™ software powers efficient, measurement-based Patient QA workflows. With the release of SNC Patient version 8.5, the SRS MapCHECK device now offers both Machine QA and Patient QA for the Accuray CyberKnife System. Expanded capabilities include Film-less MLC QA, Iris Beam QA, and Targeting Accuracy QA (TAQA). In addition, SNC Patient version 8.5 further expands SRS MapCHECK and ArcCHECK compatibility for a range of treatment delivery systems. Preview the new capabilities during this AAPM talk:

What’s New from Sun Nuclear - SNC Patient v8.5
July 26, 10:30 AM EDT, Kristin Van Casteren, Sun Nuclear

“With our growing global community of clinical users and continued feature enhancements, SRS MapCHECK has become the gold standard solution for film-less stereotactic QA,” said Jeff Zack, Sun Nuclear Senior Director of RT Measurements. “We’re pleased that it is now also the first comprehensive QA solution for CyberKnife users.”

Learn about one user’s experience with the SRS MapCHECK device during this AAPM talk: What's New from Sun Nuclear - Essential Tools for Stereotactic Treatments (July 27, 11:30 AM EDT, Chris Bowen, M.S., DABR, Medical Physicist, Mosaic Life Care Cancer Center).

Expanded SunCHECK™ Platform Machine QA
More than 1,000+ users worldwide rely on Sun Nuclear’s SunCHECK Platform to standardize Machine QA and Patient QA among staff, sites and equipment. The latest version 3.2 software release offers 50+ feature enhancements. New Machine QA features enhance task and template customization, expand imaging task support, and enable easy template sharing. Learn more during Sun Nuclear’s vendor showcase:

What’s New from Sun Nuclear - SunCHECK Platform Enhancements
July 28, 10:30 AM EDT, Jason Tracy, M.S., DABR, RT(T), Sun Nuclear

For an in-depth 1:1 discussion of these solutions, attendees are invited to visit the Sun Nuclear virtual booth. Attendees are also encouraged to attend this guided tour — Patient Specific QA Guided Tour: Improving Patient Outcomes through Automation of Error Detection During Treatment (July 25, 10:30 AM EDT, Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR, Sun Nuclear).

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About Sun Nuclear Corporation
Sun Nuclear, part of Mirion Technologies, provides innovative solutions for Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging centers. Our mission is to enable healthier lives by improving the avoidance, detection and treatment of cancer. More than 5,000 cancer centers worldwide rely on us for independent, integrated Quality Management. With a focus on ongoing support, we aim to ease technology adoption, enhance workflows and improve outcomes – so that healthcare providers can achieve real results for Patient Safety. Visit us: Follow us: @sunnuclear.