During the 2020 ASTRO Annual Meeting, taking place online October 23-29, Sun Nuclear is highlighting a range of solutions clinics can leverage to ensure continuity for their Quality Management programs. Sun Nuclear’s integrated, independent QA solutions span Patient Alignment, Patient QA, Machine QA, Dosimetry and Diagnostic QA. ASTRO attendees are invited to explore the Sun Nuclear virtual booth in the Exhibit Hall to learn more.

Remote QA readiness is a central theme in the Sun Nuclear ASTRO booth. Clinics worldwide report the SunCHECK™ Platform has proven essential to their COVID-19 preparedness, and critical to ongoing operations. Quick videos and resources in our booth explain how Radiation Oncology departments can and have leveraged SunCHECK for consistent, collaborative and remote QA.

“Many Radiation Oncology teams have reached out to us this year in need of efficient and remote-capable workflow solutions. I’m pleased to say our comprehensive solutions were ready to fill that gap, particularly with SunCHECK’s remote and device integration capabilities,” said Jeff Simon, Sun Nuclear CEO.

Comprehensive Quality Management Solutions featured in the Sun Nuclear booth include:

  • SunCHECK Platform & Patient QA—New for SunCHECK, PlanCHECK™ automates the time-consuming task of plan checks. Plus, ArcCHECK® direct device integration delivers expanded, flexible Pre-Treatment QA.
  • SRS, SBRT & SIMT QA — Within the SNC Patient™ software for SRS MapCHECK®, a new QA Setup Tool simplifies the capture of multiple SRS targets. Also featured at ASTRO, MultiMet-WL Cube efficiently measures off-axis targets for multiple-met single-isocenter SRS treatments.
  • Patient Alignment — Explore the newest and most accurate laser solutions available, Sun Nuclear's Moveable Laser System, CT SIM+™, and Fixed Laser System, MICRO+™.
  • Machine QA — New SunCHECK™ Machine QA functionality in v3.1 expands capabilities to efficiently customize tasks and workflow, enabling new compliance with DIN Standards (Germany) and additional global protocols. Plus, SunCHECK integration of trusted arrays Daily QA™ 3 and IC PROFILER™ simplifies daily and monthly QA.
  • Modality Support — Discover solutions available for MRgRT, Proton, Adaptive, and CyberKnife® programs.
  • Dosimetry — Achieve efficient, accurate water tank scanning with 3D SCANNER™ and SNC Dosimetry™. For other dosimetry needs, Sun Nuclear offers trusted reference ion chambers.
  • Diagnostic QA — Experience Sun Nuclear’s comprehensive QA solutions for CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, and DR/CR/Fluoroscopy.

For an in-depth 1:1 discussion of these solutions, attendees may schedule a demoduring the meeting. Attendees are also encouraged to attend these lunchtime talks presented by our clinical experts:

  • Performing QA Remotely in the Age of COVID — October 26, 11:45 AM EST; Jason Tracy, M.S., DABR, Sun Nuclear
  • Critical Components of a Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy Program — October 27, 12:30 PM EST; Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR, Sun Nuclear

For more details on Sun Nuclear’s presence at ASTRO, visit sunnuclear.com/astro-2020.

Sun Nuclear is also a sponsor of the 2020 SROA (Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators) Annual Meeting, October 26-30. The Sun Nuclear virtual booth will highlight SunCHECK and remote QA.