This coming weekend, Sun Nuclear Corporation will present comprehensive Quality Management solutions for Radiation Therapy, Patient Alignment, and Diagnostic Imaging at the 2019 AAPM Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

In booth 300, Sun Nuclear will highlight software and hardware solutions for Quality Management in Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging. In booth 200, Sun Nuclear will feature Precision Laser Systems for CT Simulation, MR Simulation, and Linac-Based Radiation Therapy including MR-Guided Radiation Therapy. More than 65 conference abstract submissions draw attention to the value of Sun Nuclear’s integrated, independent solutions for easing new technology adoption, enhancing clinical workflows and enhancing Patient Safety.

Abstracts featuring the SunCHECK™ Quality Management Platform for integrated, independent workflow automation cover topics including determining leaf position uncertainties, applying Universal Metrics for EPID and In-Vivo Dosimetry, and more. AAPM attendees are invited to learn more about SunCHECK, including new offerings, such as expanded device integration, Halcyon™ System Patient QA support, and automated Physics and Dosimetric Checks.

For the stringent QA needs of stereotactic deliveries, abstracts address characterization and validation of the SRS MapCHECK® array to replace film for patient-specific QA, and the new MultiMet-WL Cube for single isocenter multiple lesion stereotactic radiosurgery. In the Sun Nuclear booth attendees can also learn about SRS MapCHECK support of CyberKnife® and vertex fields.

For MR-Guided Radiation Therapy, abstracts address use of the ArcCHECK®-MR for 2D and 3D patient-specific QA on an MR Linac. Other MR offerings from Sun Nuclear include the new Daily QA™-MR for faster beam quality checks and IC PROFILER™-MR for tankless scanning.

Departments with a Halcyon System submitted a wealth of abstracts on using ArcCHECK® for VMAT patient QA on Halcyon. Further Halcyon QA solutions featured in the Sun Nuclear booth include the Halcyon Kit for 3D SCANNER™, and Halcyon Package with 1D SCANNER™, IC PROFILER™, PC Electrometer™, and more.

Demos and related talks for these solutions will be held in booth 300 throughout the meeting. AAPM clinical attendees are also encouraged to join Sun Nuclear for a Lunch Symposium — Simplifying Quality Management in Radiation Oncology: A Review of New Solutions — held on Tuesday, July 16, at 12:15 in Meeting Room 217 (A-C).

In booth 200, Sun Nuclear will preview its newly redesigned CT SIM+™ and MICRO+™ patient alignment lasers. Updated to better fit clinical workflows, these Precision Laser Systems support optimal positioning precision for PET/CT Simulation, MR Simulation, and Radiation Therapy, including MR-guided RT. Hands-on demonstrations are available throughout the meeting.

“We look forward to an insightful meeting and are pleased to invite attendees to our Symposium and booths for product demonstrations, educational talks, and one-on one time with our team,” said Jeff Simon, Sun Nuclear CEO. “It’s great to see the spectrum of submissions on how clinics and Radiation Therapy departments are using our Quality Management and Improvement solutions in unique ways for their machines, treatment techniques, and workflows.”

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About Sun Nuclear Corporation

Sun Nuclear provides innovative solutions for Radiation Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging and Patient Alignment. Our mission is to enable healthier lives by improving the detection and treatment of cancer. More than 5,000 cancer centers worldwide rely on us for independent, integrated Quality Management. With a focus on ongoing support, we aim to ease technology adoption, enhance workflows and improve outcomes – so that healthcare providers can achieve real results for Patient Safety. Visit us: Follow us: @sunnuclear.