AAPM 2019

July 14 - 17, 2019 // San Antonio, Texas
Booths 300 & 200

Sun Nuclear invites you to join us for educational events throughout the 2019 AAPM Annual Meeting, and for a firsthand look at new and featured products.

Sign up to join our events and stop by booths 300 and 200 for product demonstrations.

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New SunCHECK™ Quality Management highlights include:

  • SunCHECK Device Integration: new direct device control of ArcCHECK® and PC Electrometer™, joining Daily QA™ 3 and IC PROFILER™, bring expanded workflow automation and centralized QA data management
  • Patient QA for Halcyon™: new, and first commercially-available, independent secondary dose calculations for Halcyon within the DoseCHECK™ module of SunCHECK Patient
  • Automated Physics and Dosimetry Checks: new PlanCHECK™ module for physics and dosimetric chart checks

New device-based measurement solutions include:

  • Stereotactic MultiMet QA: new MultiMet-WL Cube with StereoPHAN™ for verifying the accuracy of single isocenter multi-met SRS treatments
  • Filmless SRS Patient QA: new support by SRS MapCHECK™ of vertex fields and the Accuray CyberKnife® System
  • MR-Based Radiotherapy QA: new Daily QA™-MR for beam measurement and MICRO+™ MR for simulation and patient alignment in the presence of magnetic fields
  • Halcyon™ Dosimetry: new 3D SCANNER™ Halcyon Kit for beam model verification, and Halcyon Package for acceptance and verification
  • Multi-Isocenter IGRT Machine QA: new MultiPHAN™ for comprehensive daily alignment checks across imaging systems
  • CT Electron Density Characterization: new Advanced Electron Density Phantom for automating CT-to-density tables for TPS commissioning


In Booth 200, we will display a full range of modern Patient Alignment solutions, including precision laser systems for CT simulation, MR simulation, MR-guided radiotherapy, and linac-based radiotherapy.

  • CT SIM+™ with RapidSIM™ Software: moveable lasers for PET/CT and CT simulation
  • MICRO™ Laser Solutions: fixed patient alignment for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy
    • MR-compatible version supports MR simulation and MR linacs