Since its release in the spring of 2018, SRS MapCHECK® has been adopted by nearly 500 clinical users worldwide for fast and accurate film-less stereotactic Patient QA. In this newsletter, we cover the expanding capabilities of SRS MapCHECK and the growing collection of literature from clinical users.

A Proven Solution for Film-less SRS QA

Upon release, SRS MapCHECK was a first-of-its-kind fast, film-less solution for stereotactic patient QA, including TG-218 angular dependence support. Since then, we've added key capabilities, such as couch kick support including vertex fields and Single-Isocenter Multiple-Target (SIMT) plan support. Taken together, SRS MapCHECK's clinical tenure and continued enhancements offer strong versatility and a growing collection of published literature.

New Comprehensive CyberKnife Support

With the release of SNC Patient™ version 8.5, SRS MapCHECK becomes the first and only device that offers both Machine QA and Patient QA on a CyberKnife System. New capabilities include film-less MLC QA, Iris Beam QA and Targeting Accuracy QA (TAQA). Plus, the new software further expands SRS MapCHECK and ArcCHECK® compatibility for a range of treatment delivery systems.

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