Mirion Health Physics for Healthcare solutions enable effective radiation monitoring for healthcare environments. Now available through your local Sun Nuclear representative, these proven solutions support a critical aspect of safety and compliance for facilities using radiation in patient diagnosis and care.


Radiation Survey Meter

The RDS-Med Radiation Survey Meter offers precise monitoring of ionizing radiation, ensuring the safety of medical professionals and patients.

The versatile RDS-Med is ideal for healthcare uses including radioisotope production, radiopharmacies, nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, hot labs, and waste disposal. It meets stringent health and safety standards and features a clear display with simple user interface for quick radiation assessment. Ergonomic, lightweight design make the meter workflow-friendly.

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Radiation Monitoring Alarm Box

The RDS-Med Radiation Monitoring Alarm Box provides immediate, clear alerts in facilities focused on maintaining radiation safety standards.

The alarm box is designed for fixed installation in environments needing reliable, continuous radiation monitoring. Versatile and modular, it can be equipped with external probes, such as dose rate and surface contamination probes, in support of varied radiation monitoring needs. A transparent cover offers an at-a-glance view of internal and external detector results on the meter.

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DMC 3000TM

Personal Electronic Dosimeter

The DMC 3000 is an active dosimeter designed to detect radiological exposures and alert the wearer. Its compact, robust design is suitable for environments where radiation exposure is a concern, including research and clinical settings.

The DMC 3000 can function independently in smaller offices and clinics or as part of a larger facility's integrated ecosystem. It pairs well with dosimetry badges for detailed dose estimates during high-exposure procedures like cardiac catheterization or interventional radiology. Additionally, the device can be upgraded with modules for expanded capabilities or connectivity features.

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Connectivity Management Software

ConnectStudio software strengthens exposure monitoring and supervision by enabling connectivity of the RDS-Med™ and DMC 3000™ dosimeter with Bluetooth® module, and related ecosystem.

The system offers efficient and easy pairing management, operational telemetry supervision, and a visual display of dose and dose rate to aid in reducing exposure during procedures or processes. Compatible with WiFi networks, it allows for segmenting work into specific areas such as radiopharmacy, hot labs, radiology, and the emergency department.

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