The Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom provides a unique solution for fast, comprehensive film dosimetry quality assurance for single isocenter plans with multiple targets. The phantom may be used for thorough validation of multi-lesion treatment methods.

The Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom is rectangular in shape with rounded corners to minimize CT artifacts and large enough in size to cover brain anatomy variations. Linear attenuation of simulated brain tissue is within 1% of real tissue from 50 keV to 15 MeV.

The phantom has two pairs of asymmetrical embedded fiducial markers and a central fiducial split in half at the phantom isocenter to aid you during pre-irradiation imaging. You can also align the imaged fiducials (from a CBCT, ExacTrac®, or kV images) and compare them to the reference image of the phantom in order to make more accurate shifts of the phantom with the linear accelerator couch top.

The phantom receives radiochromic film to as many as 29 locations in 5mm increments. Pre-loaded polyester film sheets allow flexibility in film placement without affecting sensitive geometry. External grooves and marking on the phantom sides help with easy film positioning at only desired locations to cover specific lesions. Film allows multiple planning target volumes (PTVs) to be reviewed individually.

Streamline film QA for SIMT plans with the Multi-Lesion Brain Phantom

Multi Lesion PHO 01 rev1

Comparison of patient treatment plan (left) to phantom treatment plan (right).


Device Specifications

Overall Dimensions

150 mm (W) x190 mm (H) x 170 mm (L)


5 kg (11 lbs)

Slab Thickness

Top and Bottom slabs: 15 mm

Spacers: 4.7 mm

Film Dimensions

167mm x 150 mm


Brain Equivalent Epoxy resin

Polyester Sheets (PET)

29 pcs, 0.3 mm thick