The STEEV Phantom provides the most realistic clinical simulation to perform end-to-end testing of SRS QA systems in the most challenging anatomical regions.

Proven Tissue Equivalence Technology
STEEV is constructed of proprietary tissue-equivalent materials. Linear attenuations of the simulated tissues are within 1% of actual attenuation for soft tissue and bone from 50keV to 15MeV.

Precise Attention to Detail
Whether commissioning a new system or performing routine quality assurance checks, intense attention to detail is required.

SRS Commissioning & Treatment Verification
Meet TG-101 requirements for end-to-end SRS commissioning and QA.

Versatile Inserts for Dosimetry
STEEV accommodates a variety of interchangeable inserts to perform essential QA applications for SRS systems. When used in concert with the various imaging inserts for CT, MRI, and PET, STEEV provides comprehensive end-to-end testing and QA for SRS systems.

Start building your SRS QA program.