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MedPhys Meetup Series // March 17

We're trying something new in 2021, and we hope you'll be a part of it. Sun Nuclear's kicking off our MedPhys Meetup series.

Not just another webinar, these are opportunities to connect with colleagues for real-time discussion via webcam. Each Meetup focuses on a theme, with a brief introductory talk, ​​​​​​followed by breakouts for exploring related topics.

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Remote Readiness for COVID-19 & Beyond

Clinics worldwide report the SunCHECK Platform was essential to their preparedness for COVID-19. We want all centers to be ready for what’s next. Whether on site or at home, SunCHECK™ enables consistent, collaborative and remote QA.

Preview how SunCHECK enables QA continuity.

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Special Event: Addressing Misconceptions on Patient QA

On Demand

Join this webinar for a roundtable discussion on Patient QA. Dr. Stambaugh will cover the evolution of strategies for analysis in patient-specific IMRT QA, with guidance on current best practice. Ms. Bossuyt will cover her center's implementation and extensive clinical experience with an automated in-vivo dosimetry program.

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Sun Nuclear Solutions

Virtual Booth // On-Demand

In place of in-person meetings, we're pleased to offer the next best thing — a virtual booth featuring quick videos from familiar faces, insights on what’s new, and educational resources.

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Diagnostic QA

Virtual Booth // On-Demand

We offer a comprehensive suite of CT, Mammography, and Ultrasound QA tools. Click below for highlights on featured solutions, quick videos, and educational resources.

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Regional QADS Symposium Poster Competitions

Our new Regional QA & Dosimetry Symposium (QADS) Poster Competitions offer medical physicists the opportunity to submit a poster for the chance to win prizes and present their findings. Learn more: