Commissioning and beam scanning are fundamental to building a strong radiation therapy program. That’s why we significantly enhanced our pioneering cylindrical tank design for greater clinical confidence and workflow efficiency.

SunSCAN™ 3D simplifies beam scanning with SRS-class accuracy and user-centered design.

Made for Every Clinical User

Conventional linac, SRS linac or bore-based. Commissioning novice or experienced clinician. SunSCAN 3D makes commissioning and annuals easier and more efficient than ever before — with SRS-class scanning accuracy and compatibility with nearly every machine and user.

Hyper-Accurate SRS Scanning

The SunSCAN 3D system is specifically designed to meet the accuracy demands of stereotactic treatment deliveries, including novel features that also streamline this important data collection. See the video below for an overview.

Simplified Beam Scanning

From your Trusted End-to-End Quality Management Provider

SunSCAN 3D standardizes water tank setup with automation and mitigates the need for tank shifts.

  • Unique Cylindrical Shape - removes need for tank shifts, which take time and compromise scanning setup
  • Single Setup - 65 cm scan range allows 40 x 40 cm field scans, even at 100 cm SSD and 40 cm depth
  • Consistent Detector Orientation - smallest part of the detector always measures the beam edge, minimizing stem and cable effects and water movement

Learn more about the benefits of the unique shape here >

Enhanced SRS & SBRT Accuracy

Meeting the Demands of Stereotactic Programs

SunSCAN 3D's enhanced electronic resolution improves Signal to Noise Ratio by as much as a factor of 2, and an enhanced Median Filter provides glassy smooth scans while maintaining data integrity.

Hyper accurate scanning, verified with a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), delivers:

  • 0.1 mm accuracy throughout the tank,
  • 0.05 mm reproducibility, and
  • 0.02 mm resolution.

See how the new Automatic Leveling Platform supports hyper accuracy

Ready to Scan in 15 Minutes

Fast & Easy Setup

Set up your water tank in a third of the time it takes with other tanks.

  1. Simply roll the tank in place
  2. Starting the filling process (~7 minutes), and
  3. Run the faster, more accurate AutoSetup™ routine (~7 minutes)

True leveling is achieved through a proven automatic leveling routine, perfected and optimized over 10+ years. A physically level tank makes leveling confirmation and QA easy.

Consistent Detector Orientation

Better Results

Ss3d figure 1b

SS3 D cropped 2

Congratulations to the team at Radiation Oncology in the Vosspalais, Berlin — the first site in Germany to install the SunSCAN 3D. The SunSCAN 3D has received CE mark and can now be implemented worldwide. Where will the SunSCAN 3D go next?

"With SunSCAN 3D, in form and function, it’s clear Sun Nuclear put thought into every detail to help medical physics teams work smartly. It’s easy to set up, fill and drain. Plus, it’s light and compact for moving and storing. Above all, it offers high accuracy for confidence in your commissioning and annuals."

  • Kayhan Mohajeri, M.S., DABR
  • Medical Physicist, U.S.

Intuitive SunDOSE™ Software

Setting up the tank, collecting scan data, and storing and comparing scans is made easy with the SunDOSE Software. An intuitive interface with reduced clicks makes completing commissioning easier than ever.

Make significant efficiency gains to your commissioning process.

Control Center with Integrated Electrometer

Electrometer includes dual bias control, compatible with most detectors available, and improved Signal to Noise Ratio for superior small signal measurements. Enhanced Dynamic Mode automatically adjusts to the signal - no need to set the gain.

Always Connected, Always Available Pendant

Two interchangeable pendants on the tank and reservoir simplify workflow, and firmware ensures constant connection inside the treatment room. Buttons and backlighting make controlling the tank easy with wet hands and in darkly lit rooms, and an interlock prevents accidental irradiation.

Dripless, Easy-to-Control Reservoir

Newly redesigned with half the footprint, the SunSCAN Reservoir includes a dripless connector to the tank and a self-enclosed hose to avoid spills. Water filter and pendant are included.


Less than 5-minute installation with no additional tools — supports Varian Medical Systems®, Elekta, Siemens and CyberKnife® delivery systems

Mini-Lift Table (MLT)

Integrated Automatic Leveling Platform levels to within 0.02 degrees, centers to within 0.1 mm, and straddles the linac couch ring for stability. The Mini-Lift legs fold tight to the frame and the handle retracts for compact storage.

Easy Storage & Portability

Assembly is easy, with only a two-person lift required for any of the parts. Designed with a small footprint, the SunSCAN 3D tank plus water reservoir can be transported as needed in a small SUV or van.

Compatability & Accessories

Conventional linac, SRS linac or bore-based, SunSCAN 3D works with nearly every type of linac*. Combine it with your preferred detectors and ion chambers for comprehensive dosimetry.

SunDOSE software

New, intuitive SunDOSE software reduces clicks to complete commissioning, and features favorite and enhanced workflow features

Easy Setup, 24/7 support

Only a single cable connection is needed from the treatment room for setup. SunSCAN 3D support is available during regular business hours, as well as emergency after hours support from a service team with nearly 40 years of service in the field.

*Verify compatibility of the SunSCAN 3D with delivery system before use.

Looking for 3D SCANNER? The legacy 3D SCANNER is still available in select markets.



Vertical (mm)


Diameter (mm)


Ring (degrees)



Encoded stepper/servo

Scanning Modes

Continuous and step

Scanning Speed Range (mm/sec)

Variable up to 20

Scanning Accuracy (mm)

0.1 throughout the 3D volume

Repeatability (mm)


Position Resolution (mm)


Water Tank

Thickness Wall / Bottom (mm)

13 / 19

Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Diameter Inner (mm)


Water Capacity (L)


Weight Empty / Full (kg)

59 / 194

Linac Pulse Count

Included with threshold detection


Tank Centering




Surface Detection


TPS Export


TPR/TMR Measurement

TPR Measurement Fill/Drain (min)

< 5


Warm up Time (min)

< 1.0


10pC to no upper limit


10pA - 7.2nA

Leakage (pA)

+/- 0.12

Voltage (V)

Adjustable, -400 to +400

Computer Hardware/Software Requirements


2.4GHz; 2 cores



Hard Drive Space


Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit; check with representative for SQL Server or SQL Server Express requirements

USB Version


Video Card Memory


Mini-Lift Table (MLT)

SSD Maximum (mm)


SSD Minimum (mm)


Vertical Stability (mm)


Configuration Dimensions L/W/H (mm)
Measurement; Storage

1678.0 x 742.0 x 921.0
1003.0 x 832.0 x 761.0

Disassembled Dimensions L/W/H (mm)
Automatic Leveling Platform

796.0 x 745.0 x 133.0

Automatic Leveling Platform Weight (kg)


Total Weight (kg)

81 (Does not include leveling platform)

SunSCAN Reservoir

Max Fill / Drain Speed (min)

7 / 7

Dimensions L/W/H (mm)

554.0 x 783.0 x 1298.0

Weight (Full / Empty, kg)

261.0 / 83.0

Capacity (L)







Applicable TPS Systems


Varian Medical Systems®Halcyon™ or Ethos™ Systems

Yes with Kit