Sun Nuclear Corporation will debut significant new offerings for its independent SunCHECK™ Quality Management Platform at the ESTRO 38 Annual Meeting in Milan, Italy, this coming weekend.

Trusted by hundreds of users worldwide, the SunCHECK Platform operates on a single database, and enables users to streamline and automate their Patient and Machine QA clinical workflows among staff, machines, and across locations. SunCHECK Patient encompasses all phases of Patient QA, including chart checks, secondary dose calculations, pre-treatment QA and per-treatment in-vivo monitoring, while SunCHECK Machine integrates all Machine QA needs, with template-driven daily, monthly, and annual QA management, plus automated imaging, MLC and VMAT QA, and data trending.

At ESTRO 38, Sun Nuclear introduces secondary dose calculation support for the Varian Halcyon™ System within the DoseCHECK™ module of SunCHECK Patient. This is the first commercially-available, independent secondary check solution for Halcyon.

In addition, PlanCHECK™ will be introduced at ESTRO 38. The newest module for the SunCHECK Platform, PlanCHECK expands the utility of SunCHECK Patient by easing the time-consuming task of completing physics and dosimetric chart checks. PlanCHECK automatically loads treatment plan data and assesses plan quality using more than 60 rules-based plan checks and more than 25 structure-based dosimetric checks. It features professional plan quality reports that support documentation and audit needs.

Also at ESTRO 38, additional substantive enhancements to SunCHECK will be shown, including:

  • Direct device integration with the ArcCHECK® and PC Electrometer™ solutions from Sun Nuclear;
  • Varian Halcyon System-specific support for pre-treatment QA and in-vivo monitoring; and
  • Regional compliance support, including EURATOM and DIN.

“These enhancements to the SunCHECK Platform bring significant opportunities for clinics to standardize, integrate and automate their QA workflows,” notes Jeff Simon, Sun Nuclear CEO. “Our efforts to bring an independent quality management platform to the field of Radiation Oncology have shown to dramatically improve workflows through automation and standardization in clinics worldwide.”

Beyond Platform enhancements, Sun Nuclear is also pleased to announce SunDEPLOYS™, a unique-to-the-industry implementation support program for efficient SunCHECK clinical preparation, staff training and workflow integration.

ESTRO 38 meeting attendees are encouraged to visit Booth 200 for SunCHECK Platform demonstrations and related presentations from clinical users throughout the meeting. For more details on Sun Nuclear’s presence at ESTRO 38, visit

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