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Discover what's new throughout ESTRO.

At ESTRO 2024, booth 930, we're featuring innovations for better Quality Management and better care.

Join us for our annual lunch symposium, daily demonstrations and clinical talks. Preview the schedule and highlighted solutions below.

Featured Talks

Lunch Symposium & In-Booth

Lunch Symposium
Sunday, 5 May | 13:00 | Boisdale Room

Please plan to join our annual Lunch Symposium in the Boisdale Room. This year's theme: A Brighter Path to Higher Quality

13:00Welcome & IntroductionTom Logan, CEO, Mirion

SunCHECK v5.0: The Connected Workspace for Higher Quality

Greg Robinson, M.S., CMD, RT(T), Sun Nuclear

Evaluation of Secondary Dose, Pre-Treatment & In-vivo Metrics

Suzanne Osgood, BSc., Royal Surrey Cancer Centre, UK

Innovation Update

Greg Martin, MSc., Sun Nuclear

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In-Booth Talks

Join us throughout the week for the following in-booth presentations and live demonstrations.

Saturday // 4 May

10:05Innovation Update: SunCHECK® v5.0 -Patient Workflow
Michael Bealer, Sun Nuclear
10:25Live Demonstration: SunCHECK v5.0 SoftwareGreg Martin, MSc., Sun Nuclear
14:15Enhanced⁠ workflow for Linac and Non-Linac QA with SunCHECK
Jenny Wilson, MSc., MPE, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, UK
14:30Live Demonstration: SunCHECK v5.0 SoftwareVlad Galyautdinov, MSc., Sun Nuclear

Sunday // 5 May

10:05Innovation Update: SRS & Motion
Greg Martin, MSc., Sun Nuclear
10:25Live Demonstration: SRS MapCHECK Soufiane Chouaf, MSc., Sun Nuclear
14:15Selection Criteria for a New Commissioning System and the SunSCAN™ 3D
Daniel Kirby, MSc., Worcestershire NHS Hospital Trust, UK
14:30Accurate Commissioning with a Next-Generation Water Scanning SystemJulia Kirchhefer, MSc., Sun Nuclear

Monday // 6 May

10:05Innovation Update: SunCHECK v5.0 - Machine
Michael Bealer, Sun Nuclear
10:25Live Demonstration: SunCHECK v5.0 SoftwareJulia Kirchhefer, MSc., Sun Nuclear
11:30Accurate Commissioning with a Next-
Generation Water Scanning System
Jesus Fernandez, Sun Nuclear

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Featured Solutions

SunCHECK® Platform - Version 5.0

Scalable to meet the needs of any clinic or network, SunCHECK helps reduce risks, control costs, and improve treatment quality. Explore what's new in SunCHECK v5.0 with a demonstration in our booth.

SunSCAN 3D System

SunSCAN 3D simplifies beam scanning with SRS-class accuracy and user-centered design. Join us for demos of the SunSCAN 3D and new SunDOSE Software.

SRS & SBRT QA Solutions

Meet the stringent demands of stereotactic treatments, with our suite of SRS/SBRT solutions including SRS MapCHECK®, MultiMet-WL Cube, SRS MR Distortion Phantom, and more.

MRgRT QA Solutions

Learn what's available for MRgRT programs: Daily QA™-MR, Large Field MR Distortion Phantom, MICRO+ MR, and more.

Motion Management QA Solutions

Motion Management QA Phantoms, like the Zeus Phantom, Enhanced Dynamic Platform, and more, help quantify and assess target motion and spatial distortions in MR imaging for MR-guided radiotherapy (MRgRT) treatments.

Medical Imaging

Preview highlights from our Medical Imaging portfolio, including the IQphan CT image quality Phantom.


Mirion Medical

Sun Nuclear is part of the Mirion Medical brand. Mirion Medical is comprised of distinct business units including Sun Nuclear, Dosimetry Services, Biodex, and Capintec. Together, the Mirion Medical group is dedicated to offering healthcare practitioners and patients a safer, more efficient healthcare experience -- in pursuit of The Science of Better.