With the ability to image and treat tumors simultaneously, MR-guided radiation therapy has become an essential tool for patient care. Zeus MRgRT Motion Management QA phantom makes this possible, enabling real-time motion management for better treatment planning.

MR-Compatible, Anatomically Realistic, Tissue-Equivalent
Thanks to piezoelectric motors and non-ferromagnetic materials, Zeus is completely MR-compatible. The motors move a cylindrical insert containing a tracking target through a fillable body by rotating it independently from the motion in the inferior-superior direction. Besides imaging, all organs, except for the lungs, offer ion chamber dosimetry cavities, which allow for completing an entire QA process, from imaging to planning to verification of dose delivered.

Motion Control Software
Zeus is operated with user-friendly Motion Control software, which can be installed on any computer running Windows

Motion Control Software

  • Built-in and customizable waveforms
    • Five built-in waveforms are available from a standard pull-down menu, and an unlimited number of clinically relevant and patient-specific waveforms can be imported
  • Unlimited motion cycles
    • Choose the number of cycles to be looped by entering the desired value or choosing continuous looping
  • Advanced motion parameters
    • The software automatically calculates the best scenario to simulate the real 3D waveform to achieve the simulated volume.
  • Calculating Beam Latency
    • Zeus’ motion controller box communicates with the Motion Control software to calculate beam latency specific to hybrid MRI-Linac systems, which can be accomplished by gating the inferior-superior motion of the insert/moving target.

Take your MRgRT program to the next level.




Motion Controller Specifications


67 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm


12 kg (26.5 lbs)

Amplitude, IS

± 25 mm

Amplitude, AP/LR

± 3.5 mm

Motion Accuracy

± 0.2 mm (linear motion)

Motion Accuracy

± 0.25o (rotation motion)

Cycle Time

1 - ∞ (adjusted based on amplitude)


sin (t), 1-2cos4(t), 1-2cos6(t), sawtooth, sharkfin (built in), custom (through import)

Phantom Body Specifications


25.6 cm x 32 cm x 18 cm


10 kg (22 lbs)

Moving Rod Specifications


22 cm x Ø 6.3 cm


1.1 kg (2.4 lbs)