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ViewRay and Elekta rely on IC PROFILER™-MR for system testing, installations and service. MRgRT users around the world rely on it, too – for optimal workflow efficiency.

The IC PROFILER-MR and associated cabling, stand, and included accessories* are MR-compliant for field strengths up to 1.5 T.

Monthly QA in Minutes
Within minutes – in a single, multi-purpose measurement – you get constancy checks for output and beam quality – plus flatness, symmetry, field size and penumbra width. Completeness of results means more beam changes are caught before they impact uptime or patient safety.

Annual QA with Ease
IC PROFILER-MR is a cost-effective solution for easy and comprehensive Annual QA, yielding highly accurate results.

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* Does not include Quad Wedge Plates

Ramping up your MRgRT program?

"IC PROFILER™ dose profiles were compared with film dose profiles obtained simultaneously in the MR-linac. Deviation between the film and the IC PROFILER™ data was caused by the noise in the film, indicating correct performance of the IC PROFILER™ in the transverse 1.5 T magnetic field."


Device Specifications

Detector Type

Parallel plate Ion Chamber

Detector Quantity

251 total; X Axis: 63; Y Axis: 65; -Diagonal: 63; +Diagonal: 63

Detector Spacing (mm)


Array Size (cm)

32.0 x 32.0

Detector Volume (cm3)


Detector Sensitivity (pC/cGy)


Inherent Buildup (g/cm2)


Inherent Backscatter (g/cm2)


Phantom Material

PMMA (Acrylic) / PC

Weight (kg)


System Requirements (PROFILER Software)

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit





Yes, the IC PROFILER-MR and its associated cabling, stand, and included accessories do not contain ferromagnetic material in amounts that would result in magnetically induced displacement forces that exceed those specified in ASTM F2052-15 for field strengths up to 1.5 T.