More than 5,000 cancer centers worldwide rely on Sun Nuclear for independent, integrated Quality Management. Our integrated, independent QA solutions span Patient QA, Machine QA, Patient Alignment, Dosimetry and Diagnostic QA.

The SunCHECK Platform automates and integrates Quality Management, enabling Radiation Therapy departments to standardize Patient and Machine Quality Assurance (QA) workflows among staff, machines, and locations. A secure, browser-based network architecture connects multiple systems and offers an overview of all your QA.

SunCHECK™ Patient

Validate treatments are planned and delivered as intended, with a seamless workflow and holistic view of Patient QA.

<p>Plan Checking</p>

Plan Checking

Validate the treatment plan against departmental requirements, and automatically assess performance versus intent. Download PlanCHECK datasheet >

<p>Secondary Checks</p>

Secondary Checks

Perform 3D secondary dose calculations for the systems your clinic uses — 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SRS, SBRT, bore-based, TomoTherapy® and HDR Brachytherapy treatment plans. Download datasheet >

<p>Phantomless and Array-Based Pre-Treatment QA</p>

Phantomless and Array-Based Pre-Treatment QA

Choose from flexible options for pre-treatment QA using ArcCHECK®, EPID and/or Log File data, or with EPID data alone for independent 2D planar analysis.* Download datasheet >

<p>In-Vivo Monitoring</p>

In-Vivo Monitoring

Verify and track dose throughout the treatment course to catch the most common types of errors — those associated with the patient, as well as machine errors. Download datasheet here >

SunCHECK™ Machine

Understand your Machine QA needs at a glance, and automate image-based and templated tests. Directly connect your Sun Nuclear devices to pull in real-time measurements for further automation.

<p>Daily, Monthly and Annual QA</p>

Daily, Monthly and Annual QA

Ensure standardization among clinics and machines with shared tolerances. Apply ready-to-use, but customizable templates for efficient QA. Download datasheet here >

<p>Imaging, VMAT, MLC QA</p>

Imaging, VMAT, MLC QA

Simply deliver test beams. The acquired image or log file data is automatically processed and analyzed. Results are presented clearly, and immediately. Download datasheet here >

<p>Direct Device Connectivity</p>

Direct Device Connectivity

Automate beam measurement with direct device integration to Daily QA™ 3 and IC PROFILER™. Eliminate the need for additional software and transfer of data. Download datasheet >

* Features included in Advanced Dosimetry Package

"...large scale clinical implementation of EPID-based in-vivo transit dosimetry using a commercially available automated system is feasible and it efficiently reveals a wide variety of deviations. Evaluating results on a regular basis can offer important insights in the quality of treatments and indicate possible items for improvement."

  • E. Bossuyt, Iridium Netwerk, Medical Physics, Antwerp, Belgium
  • SP-0028: Large scale clinical implementation of in vivo dosimetry - What value does it bring? ESTRO 2021

Abstracts of Note

Recent educational events have included a range of published findings featuring use of Sun Nuclear solutions, including SunCHECK, SRS MapCHECK, ArcCHECK, and more. Click the links below for details.

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