SunCHECK® Patient brings Plan Checks, Secondary Calculations, Pre-Treatment QA and In-Vivo Monitoring into a single workflow, on the same platform as your Machine QA.

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Purposefully Automated
SunCHECK Patient streamlines data transfer and time-consuming tasks, enabling greater focus on improved treatment quality.

Common Analysis Tools & Centralized Storage of Results
In support of standardization, SunCHECK Patient provides common analyses across each Patient QA phase -- and stores all results for easy retrieval and review.

Custom-Fit for Your Clinic
We optimize SunCHECK Patient for the planning and delivery technologies you use -- and provide flexible, automated analysis options for every step. As updates occur and your needs evolve, SunCHECK Patient adapts.

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Use with the EPID to uncover errors due to patient setup and beam delivery throughout the treatment course.

Phase 1: Plan Quality Checks

Assuring plan quality requires significant experience, focus and expertise. PlanCHECK eases this time-intensive task.

PlanCHECK automatically loads patients’ plan files into the Treatment Planning System and performs the plan checks – reducing the time required for this demanding process.

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Phase 2: Secondary Dose Calculations

Secondary dose calcs remain a key safeguard before treatment begins. DoseCHECK provides calculated-versus-planned 3D Clinical Goals analysis, as well as per-beam and composite MU comparisons.

A collapsed cone convolution/superposition algorithm supports C-arm linacs and the Varian Halcyon™ System. A Monte Carlo dose calculation supports Accuray TomoTherapy®/Radixact® Systems, HDR Brachytherapy and treatments using stereotactic cones.

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Phase 3: Pre-Treatment QA

For pre-treatment QA, SunCHECK Patient flexibly supports 3D CRT, IMRT/VMAT AND SRS/SBRT calculation and delivery.

  • Choose phantomless, using the EPID and/or Log File data
  • Directly connect with ArcCHECK® for an array-based approach

Results are presented via a dashboard and patient list — no need to manually create, register, or input patients. Email notices are sent for failed results.

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Phase 4: In-Vivo Monitoring

With SunCHECK Patient, you can automatically verify:

  • Patient setup against the treatment plan,
  • First fraction dose delivery vs. plan, and
  • Ongoing fractions for anatomy- and setup-related issues.

Results are analyzed in 3D using EPID and/or Log File data, or in 2D through the Transit Dosimetry feature, with no additional time or effort required.

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“Because this system is fully automated so that no physicist time is required for data acquisition and evaluation, daily patient treatment QA is feasible.”

  • Zhuang AH, Olch AJ.,
  • J Appl Clin Med Phys (2018)

The SunCHECK dashboard provides an overview of Patient (and Machine) QA, with quick access to results, reviews, to-do’s and approvals. Verify QA has been completed successfully, and on-time.

A consistent, interactive event display shows point dose, 2D analysis, 3D analysis, structure-based gammas, overall gamma, DVHs, and images and dose displays.

At-a-glance patient list shows workflow phases and pass/fail status, with ability to review details and status of individual patient treatments, and drill down into per-beam results. Names shown are fictitious and randomly generated.

Pre-set, yet customizable, dose tolerances for each phase of Patient QA provide meaningful results -- with 70+ common protocols preloaded. You can instantly analyze the impact of different criteria sets -- including dose deviations -- and quickly switch criteria as needed.

User-defined absolute limits for specific clinical dosimetric goals allow scoring of results relative to specific dose/volume constraints established by RTOG, QUANTEC, Emami, or your own protocols.

Answering Clinical Need for Efficiency, Insights

More than 1,600 clinical users have adopted SunCHECK, and a wealth of publications affirm its clinical value. Review our publications to learn more.

Browser-Based Access

In-depth insights for each phase of Patient QA are within easy reach for your staff, from any networked computer.

TG-218 Compliant

Like ArcCHECK®, SunCHECK Patient supports AAPM Task Group 218 requirements for pre-treatment QA.

Absolute Dosimetric QA

Using calibrated EPID data, true dosimetric In-Vivo Monitoring is clinically feasible, creating a fully independent absolute dosimetric QA of patient treatments.

ArcCHECK Integration

ArcCHECK connectivity within SunCHECK Patient expands pre-treatment QA options, with enhanced root-cause analysis of delivery issues.

Complete Device Control

SunCHECK allows full control of essential Sun Nuclear Patient and Machine QA devices, without having to launch or maintain a separate application.


Iridium Kankernetwerk

Wilrijk, Belgium


Develop and implement an in-vivo dosimetry program for a busy department working across four locations. Efficiently uncover treatment errors and improve patient safety.


SunCHECK™ Patient

Iridium Kankernetwerk





General Specifications

Browser Support

Google Chrome (recommended), IE11

Meets Reimbursement/Reporting Requirements


Supported Treatment Modalities

HDR Brachytherapy, 3D CRT, IMRT, VMAT, SRS and SBRT

API Connectivity

Yes, SunCHECK Patient

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