More than 5,000 cancer centers worldwide rely on us for independent, integrated Quality Management. Our solutions span Patient QA, Machine QA, Laser Alignment, Dosimetry and Diagnostic QA.

Dosimetry solutions enable accurate, reproducible commissioning, annuals and periodic dosimetry. Review key solutions below.

Commissioning, Annuals & More

Commissioning and beam scanning are fundamental for building a strong radiation therapy program. Our dosimetry solutions offer speed, accuracy and ease of use for every clinical user.

<p>Efficient, Accurate, Reproducible Water Tank Scanning</p>

Efficient, Accurate, Reproducible Water Tank Scanning

Purpose-built for modern treatment modalities, 3D SCANNER™ achieves faster and more accurate commissioning and annual QA with consistent scan orientation and automated setup. Download datasheet >

<p>Interference-Free Dosimetry Scanning</p>

Interference-Free Dosimetry Scanning

Reference Detector is a patented, out-of-field detector that uses linac head leakage to obtain a reference signal during water tank scanning of photon energies. Download datasheet >

<p>Proven Reference Ion Chambers</p>

Proven Reference Ion Chambers

Sun Nuclear reference class ionization chambers — SNC125c™, SNC350p™, and SNC600c™ — are optimal tools for scanning, field, and reference dosimetry measurements. Learn more >

<p>Ultimate Small Field Detector for Precision 3D Dosimetry</p>

Ultimate Small Field Detector for Precision 3D Dosimetry

EDGE Detector™ characterizes penumbra more precisely and with less averaging than ion chambers, making it the preferred detector for small field beam modeling and QA. Download datasheet >

<p>Tissue-Equivalent CT-to-Electron Density Calibration</p>

Tissue-Equivalent CT-to-Electron Density Calibration

Advanced Electron Density Phantom combines ICRU-44 matched tissue equivalence, automation and smart design for accurately converting CT values to HU or electron density values. Download datasheet >

<p>Daily Isocenter Checks Made Easy</p>

Daily Isocenter Checks Made Easy

Ensure isocenters match from lasers to EPIDs to CBCT. MultiPHAN™ is a practical, cost-effective tool for Radiation Therapists to perform daily isocenter checks and meet TG-142 requirements. Download datasheet >

“I love my Sun Nuclear 3D SCANNER. With the recent software update, including reference point measurement without having to set up a scanning queue, plus the ability to batch compare all of your annual scans to your commissioning scans in less than five minutes, the time savings is huge.”

  • Kirk Aduddell, M.S., R.T.(T), Medical Physicist
  • Panhandle Cancer Care Center, U.S.

Abstracts of Note

Recent educational events have included a range of published findings featuring use of Sun Nuclear solutions, including SunCHECK, SRS MapCHECK, ArcCHECK, and more. Click the links below for details.

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