MICRO+™ lasers support fixed patient alignment for radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging. MICRO+ increases clinical confidence in alignment accuracy and simplifies your workflow.

Accuracy at the Patient
With laser line widths of ≤0.5 mm for all colors, and industry-leading lengths of ≥4 meters at 3 meters, MICRO+ offers precision and flexibility for your workflow.

Remote Controlled, Workflow Optimized
Lose the ladder, with easy adjustments via an included remote control. Backlit for visibility in darkly lit rooms, the remote easily synchronizes and controls multiple lasers with Bluetooth technology (no line of sight needed). A locator feature helps in case of misplacement.

“I chose the MICRO+ system, because the LAP laser system gave me trouble in the past. It had reliability issues…Most importantly though, I found MICRO+ to be more precise.”

  • Yu-Wen Chang, Ph.D.

See how smart laser features add up to simplified workflows.

Tool-Free Access

Reinforced housing with tool-free entry offers reliability and efficient service and alignment adjustments.

Three Color Options — Same Price

Red, green, or blue laser wavelengths are available – all at the same price.

Configuration Flexibility

3-laser system (3 crosshairs) or 4-laser system (3 crosshairs and 1 sagittal) configurations available

MR Compatibility

An MR-compatible version, MICRO+™ MR, available for departments practicing MRgRT includes an MRI-compliant power supply kit.


Device Specifications

Adjustment Type

Handheld remote control

Degrees of Movement/Freedom


Left - Right

≥ ± 15 mm

Up - Down

≥ ± 15 mm


≥ ± 5°

Horizontal Tilt (yaw)

≥ ± 5°

Vertical Tilt (pitch)

≥ ± 5°

Focus Range

1.5 m - 4 m

Adjustment Accuracy

0.15 mm

Adjustments Speed

Slow – Ultra accurate steps (0.15 mm) for each touch of the control

Medium - Hold the control for continuous motion

Fast – Continue to hold the control for faster speeds and larger movements

Remote Technology

Bluetooth & infrared

Remote Receiver


Remote Operational Range

>10 m

Remote Locator

“Find remote” option on each laser

Number of Lasers per Remote


Laser Selection

OneTouch automatic laser and remote pairing

Line Width (All Colors)

≤ 0.5 mm for all colors @ 4 m

Line Length

≥ 4 meter @ 3 m

Laser Type


Laser Output

< 1 mW

Power Supply

100 – 240 volt (auto select)


216 mm × 134 mm × 80 mm (H×W×D)


< 1 kg

Available Colors

Wavelength 635 nm Red

Wavelength 515 nm Green

Wavelength 450 nm Blue

Installation Options

Wall mount ± 45° (with optional tilt and adapter bracket)

Post mount


Gammex is a ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer. Made in the USA. Complies with Center for Devices and Radiological Health regulations for Class II lasers and all CE requirements.

(21 CFR 1040) (IEC 60601) (IEC 60825-1) (MDD 93/42/EEC)