When using motion management techniques for delivery of radiotherapy, appropriate QA tools are needed to ensure safe and effective treatment. The MotionCHECK 3D Solution combines the Enhanced Dynamic Platform with the ArcCHECK® and MultiPlug, including inserts that provide fiducials and a tissue-mimicking 'tumor'. Taken together, this system enables sub-millimeter accuracy and reproducibility, easing QA and boosting clinical confidence for advanced tumor treatments.

MotionCHECK 3D provides quality assurance of tumor tracking and dynamic delivery for solutions like the Accuray Radixact® System with Synchrony® and those that utilize breath-hold gating like the Radixact System with VitalHoldTM.


  • Easily set up for 1D, 2D or 3D motion
  • Inferior-superior motion up to +/- 25mm (50 mm total) for applicable phantoms up to 70 lb.
  • An 11.3° inclined plane provides +/- 5.0 mm (10 mm total) of motion in posterior-anterior direction (for applicable phantoms up to 50 lb.)
  • 30° rotation about the linac couch provides +/- 12.5 mm (25 mm total) of lateral motion
  • Multiple machined pockets for positioning the ArcCHECK
  • MultiPlug inserts with fiducials and tissue-mimicking ‘tumor’ for easy tracking
  • Surrogate platform simulates posterior-anterior chest wall motion of +/-25mm (50mm total)
  • Surrogate and phantom motion are independently programmable
  • Motion software enables breathing waveforms with different cycles, amplitudes, start positions and phase shifts

An Overview of How it Works

From Sun Nuclear Director of Product Startegy

Take your motion management QA to the next level


Device Specifications

Dimensions (platform only) (cm)

92.3(L) x 37.5(W) x 24.8(H)

Weight (platform only) (kg)


Weight (with ArcCHECK) (kg)


Position Accuracy (mm)


Maximum Amplitude Inf/Sup (mm)

+/- 25.0 (50 total)

Maximum Amplitude Lateral (mm)

+/- 12.5 (25 total)

Maximum Amplitude Pos/Ant (mm)

+/- 5.0 (10 total)

Maximum Amplitude Surrogate (mm)

+/- 25.0 (50 total)

Editable Built-In Waveforms

sin(t), 1-2cos4(t), 1-2cos6(t), sawtooth, sharkfin


110-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz